American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (2023)

Evan Peters is one of American Horror Story's most valued treasures, masterfully portraying characterswho arein equal parts captivating andfrightening from the very beginning. From Tate, the restless spirit of a deeply troubled teenage romantic, to Kai, the demented fanatic turned powerful cult leader, Peters has worn a lot of hats in American Horror Story over the years. In total, the prolific actor has portrayed 16 different characters throughout the course of American Horror Story's eight seasons - here's every one of them, ranked from worst to best.

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Jeff Pfister - Season 8, Apocalypse

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (1)

Evan Peter plays a whopping four separate characters in season 8 of American Horror Story, titled Apocalypse,and it's just as well because frankly, the less airtime for Jeff Pfister, the better.This insufferable jerk is part of a duo of bowl-cut-adorned nuclear scientists responsible for the death over 7-billion people. Peters' ability to stoke so much vitriol with one character is admirable, but the character is sosingularly awful that it's hard to even appreciate the performance. All that aside, there just isn't much depth to Jeff Pfister to warrant casting such a talented actor as Peters for his portrayal.

Jesus Christ - Season 7, Cult

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (2)

Playing Jesus Christ with any degree of conviction can't be easy, but leave it to Evan Peters to pull it off in a way that makes viewers squirm with discomfort. Despite intentional visual cues that showChrist's appearance is nothing more than elaborate theatrics,this brief cameo by Jesus drives home Kai Anderon's utter delusion. Without anydialogue or expression beyondPeters'angelic gaze, there isn't much to say for Peters' performancehere. If nothing else, the scene is mesmerizing in its absurdity.

Rory Monahan - Season 6, Roanoke

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (3)

InRoanoke,Peters playsRory Monahan, an actor portrayingEdward Philippe Mott inMy Roanoke Nightmare and Return to Roanoke. Aside from some effective comic relief, Rory doesn't bring a whole lot to the table and certainly isn't an ideal vessel for Peters' acting chops to shine. In fact, his gloriously brutal death sequence might be the character's most memorable moment.

Edward Philippe Mott - Season 6, Roanoke

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (4)

Only slightly more interesting than Rory Monahan himself is the character he portrays in My Roanoke Nightmare and Return to Roanoke.

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Mott is the reclusive heir responsible for the construction of the Roanoke mansion. He's wealthy, snobby, socially anxious, and openly gay, and that's about as deep as it gets for Mott, and unfortunately Evan Peters, in American Horror Story: Roanoke.

Kyle Spencer - Season 3, Coven

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (5)

Coven's Kyle Spencermight be Peters' most sympathetic role; a charismatic, good-doing frat leader turned Frankenstein monster after his unjust murder by Madison. In his reconstructed form, Kylespends the rest of the season in varying states of catatonia, murderous rage, suicidal depression, anduphill rehabilitation. Further, he's revealed to be a victim of sexual abuse by his own mother,adding to the viewer's sense of commiseration. Spencer's unbridled misery and torture at the hands of nearly everyone around himisn't easy to watch, nor does it do well to advance the plot in a significant way, even if perfectly portrayed by Peters.

Jimmy Darling - Season 4, Freak Show

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (6)

While Peters plays a more central role in Freak Show than in Roanoke, his character, Jimmy Darling, is no less two-dimensional. He's attractive, charismatic, righteous, and ultimately a missed opportunity for an actor as versatile as Evan Peters. Despite a tragic backstory and compelling plot-line, Jimmy Darling is far from exemplary of Peters' finest work.

Mr. Gallant - Season 8, Apocalypse

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (7)

Mr. Gallant isn't Evan Peters' worst portrayal, but he's far from the best. A vain, flamboyant hairdresser caught in the midst of a nuclear apocalypse, Mr. Gallant is nothing if not entertaining, but compared to Peters' more complex, conflicted roles, he'stoo shallow a character for Evan Peters to truly blossom as an actor.

Kit Walker - Season 2, Asylum

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (8)

Kit Walker's intense roller-coaster ride through Asylum sees him falsely accused of killing his wife and named "Bloody Face" by the media, subjected to cruel experiments, and abducted by aliens, but none of that deters him from being the strong-willed, virtuous victim of American Horror Story: Asylum. Every story needs a good guy, and Peters certainly works in that role, but good guys are rarely the most interesting to watch.

James Patrick March - Season 5, Hotel

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (9)

Peters' first role in American Horror Story as an unambiguous villain is James March, a sadistic serial killer and the eccentric designer of Hotel Cortez.

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Peters is particularly well-suited to morally gray characters, buthis portrayal of James March is enthralling, if only for itssheer savagery. Make no mistake, this is onebaddude. In life and death, James March is an unhinged psychopath, murderer, and necrophiliac, making his complex relationships and horrific crimes that much more gripping to watch.

David Koresh - Season 7, Cult

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (10)

Yet another exceptional portrayal of a manipulative cult leader is Peters' depiction of David Koresh in season 7. In what little is seen, Peters absolutely nails Koresh's movements, accent, and cadence as seen in documentaries and old footage, most notably of a sermon he delivered to his followers, which is reenacted by Peters.

Marshall Applewhite - Season 7, Cult

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (11)

Marshall Applewhite, leader of the Heaven's Gate cult, speaks with an unsettling tone and cadence in a well-known initiation recording replicated in season 7 of American Horror Story. Peters virtually duplicates Applewhite's expressions, voice, and speaking style in an extraordinary feat of mimicry. The sequence only runs for a couple of minutes, but it was enough to send chills down the spines of everyone whohad seen the original footage.

Jim Jones - Season 7, Cult

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (12)

Continuingthe string of appearances byinfluential cult leaders in season 7, Peters' portrayal of Jim Jonesis anotherexample of the actor's skill in replicatingpersonalities withuncanny precision. Credit where credit's due, the prosthetics and costume are spot-on, but Evan Peters' studious acting during the mass suicide sequence is nothing short of chilling in its likeness to one of the most notorious cult leaders of the 20th century.

Andy Warhol - Season 7, Cult

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (13)

Evan Peters' depiction of the '70s art icon Andy Warhol was incredibly convincing.Moreover, Peters proved with this role that he doesn't need to play demented and abused characters to captivate audiences.

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Peters as Warhol was one of season 7's shining moments, bringing to life a historic public figure withimpeccably replicated mannerisms and ego, not to mention flawless costume design.

Charles Manson - Season 7, Cult

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (14)

Evan Peters as Charles Manson in season 7 of American Horror Story is every bit as frightening as you might expect. Supremely uncomfortable in a way only Evan Peters can pull off, Manson's portrayal in Cultis shockingly lifelike. Again, props to the talented makeup artists and hairstylists, but it's Peters' mannerisms and tonal resemblance to Mansonthat sell this unforgettable performance.

Kai Anderson - Season 7, Cult

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (15)

Evan Peters is at his best when he'splaying a character so manic, desperate, and deprived thatone can't help butfeel begrudgingly enamored. Kai represents everything wrong about the political landscape in 2016, and to some degree, today. He's a vengeful, uncompromising zealot who when faced with resistance, doubles down into authoritarian violence. Still, from the moment he emerges in episode 1 of American Horror Story: Cult in Cheeto-dust makeup, viewers were left anxiously awaiting his nexthideously engrossing move.

Tate Langdon - Season 1, Murder House

American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked (16)

Peters' inaugural role as Tate Langdon in season 1 of American Horror Story is what solidified him as an irreplaceable feature in the series' ensemble cast. The lovelorn, sociopathic ghost is as haunting in his dangerous instability as he is tragic in his hopelessquest for true loveafter death. Tate loses any chance at finding sympathy from the audience after he's revealed to be thelatex-wearing Rubber Man and Vivien's rapist, butthe violently opposing aspects of his personalityare fascinating to witness from beginning to end.

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American Horror Story: Every Evan Peters Character, Ranked? ›

After his first portrayal of Tate In American Horror Story: Murder House, Peters has succeeded in a variety of roles over his time on the show. Perhaps his best work was in season two, dubbed Asylum, where he ironically played a genuinely good man who was assumed to be a psychopathic murderer.

What was Evan Peters best role on American Horror Story? ›

After his first portrayal of Tate In American Horror Story: Murder House, Peters has succeeded in a variety of roles over his time on the show. Perhaps his best work was in season two, dubbed Asylum, where he ironically played a genuinely good man who was assumed to be a psychopathic murderer.

How many characters has Evan Peters in American Horror Story? ›

Evan Peters is the cast member who portrays the largest amount of characters so far, with a total of 16 characters. Over the ten seasons, he portrayed four LGBT characters; Edward Philippe Mott, Kai Anderson, Gallant and Jeff.

Does Evan Peters play different characters in AHS? ›

Peters proved his incredible versatility by playing numerous cult leaders from history including Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh, Andy Warhol and Jesus Christ. However brief these characters may have been in the season, Peters was utterly transformative as each and every one of them.

Who is the most popular character in AHS? ›

Sister Jude Martin ('Asylum')

There's arguably not an unfavorable character played by Jessica Lange, but of all the actress' AHS characters, it's Sister Jude Martin from American Horror Story: Asylum that takes the number one spot.

Did Evan Peters quit AHS for good? ›

The actor has stated before that he needed a break from the anthology horror series. Peters also wanted to explore other roles and project.

How much does Evan Peters make per episode of American Horror Story? ›

For one of his breakthrough roles as Tate Langdon in the series “American Horror Story”, he had a salary of $100,000 to $250,000 for each episode.

What is Evan Peters type? ›

Which personality type is Evan Peters? Evan Peters is an INFP personality type.

How old is Evan Peter? ›

Who does Evan Peters play in AHS season 9? ›

Gallant (“Apocalypse”) — Peters clearly had a lot of fun playing Mr. Gallant, a snarky, well-tailored hairdresser trying to make the best of a bad situation after surviving the apocalypse.

Who does Evan Peters play in AHS season 5? ›

In Season 5, Hotel, Peters took on the role of real life serial killer James March. This fictional version of March was a ghost trapped inside the hotel he built. Despite his dark past, March was charming, and known for hosting killer Halloween parties.

Why was Evan Peters not in AHS 1984? ›

The actor has revealed that he was absent from the season for a pretty understandable reason: he simply needed a break from getting inside the heads of such screwed-up characters, year after year.

Who does Evan Peters play in AHS season 11? ›

Everyone wants to know if Evan Peters is in AHS season 11. Unfortunately, Peters won't be returning for this installment. He's considered a veteran of the show, appearing in almost every season since its inception in 2011 in an incredibly intense role as Tate Langdon.

Who is the scariest character in AHS? ›

American Horror Story: 10 Scariest Villains, Ranked
  • 8 Madame Lalaurie. ...
  • 7 Papa Legba. ...
  • 6 The Countess. ...
  • 5 Sister Mary Eunice. ...
  • 4 Kai Anderson. ...
  • 3 The Butcher. ...
  • 2 Bloody Face. ...
  • 1 Twisty The Clown.
Nov 21, 2022

Who is the most evil character in American Horror Story? ›

The first season of the series, American Horror Story: Murder House, set the terrifying tone and twisted nature of the stories and characters fans have come to love. The worst of the worst, Tate Langdon, played by Evan Peters, goes down in AHS history as one of the series' longest-running villains.

Who is the creepy bald girl in AHS? ›

Naomi Grossman (born February 6, 1975) is an American actress, writer, and producer best known for her role as Pepper in the second and fourth season of the FX horror television series American Horror Story.

Why isn t Sarah Paulson in AHS season 11? ›

"I'm always open to it, but I feel like I've been doing it for a long time, and people might start getting sick of me in that world." When it comes to choosing new roles these days, Paulson is looking for something new. "I'm looking for new experiences and looking to collaborate in new ways with young filmmakers.

Will Evan Peters ever return to AHS? ›

Is Evan Peters in AHS season 11? Everyone wants to know if Evan Peters is in AHS season 11. Unfortunately, Peters won't be returning for this installment. He's considered a veteran of the show, appearing in almost every season since its inception in 2011 in an incredibly intense role as Tate Langdon.

Will Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson return to AHS? ›

American Horror Story: Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will not return as main cast for season 11. Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will not feature in the main cast of the new series of American Horror Story, according to an announcement by FX.

Who made the most money from AHS? ›

  • Patti LuPone, 73 – US$8 million.
  • Kal Penn, 45 – US$10 million.
  • Sarah Paulson, 47 – US$12 million.
  • Macaulay Culkin, 42 – US$18 million.
  • Jessica Lange, 73 – US$20 million.
  • Zachary Quinto, 45 – US$20 million.
  • Angela Bassett, 64 – US$25 million.
  • Emma Roberts, 31 – US$25 million.
Oct 19, 2022

Who makes the most money from AHS? ›

1 Kathy Bates - $32 million

She ended up earning both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for her performance. In total, Kathy has earned an Academy Award, three American Comedy Awards, two Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, an Obie Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards over the course of her career.

How long did it take Evan Peters to recover from AHS? ›

Evan Peters took 2 years to recover after filming AHS: Cult says Ryan Murphy. "He was still feeling it, the darkness, while we were making Pose season one, it got under his skin in a really hard long way."

What Marvel character is Evan Peters? ›

Evan Peters is neither a stranger to Marvel nor action movies. The actor played Quicksilver in the X-Men movies before taking on the role of Pietro Maximoff/Ralph Bohner in WandaVision.

What personality type is Tate Langdon? ›

Which personality type is Tate Langdon? Tate Langdon is an unhealthy ISFP. He is reclusive and passive-aggressive. While healthy ISFPs challenge social norms in healthy ways, unhealthy ISFPs completely disregard the rules of society.

What is Evan Peters tattoo? ›

He has a tattoo he regrets

In a 2015 video interview for Nylon Magazine, Evan shared he has a tattoo that says "Mom" on his arm and a thumbs up on his hand.

Who was Evan Peters ex? ›

Emma Roberts

In 2014, Peters proposed to Roberts, but by the following year, they ended the engagement.

Does Evan Peters have his ears pierced? ›

Does Evan Peters have piercings? Both of his ears are pierced.

Does Evan Peters have a spouse? ›

Is Evan Peters married and does he have any children? As of September 2022, Evan is a single man. Although he has dated a string of Hollywood beauties, the actor has never been married. Evan also doesn't have any children at this time.

Why did Jessica Lange quit AHS? ›

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly at the time, Jessica's explanation for her exit was simple – after four years on the project, she felt she'd run her course and struggled with the commitment every year. "This is a six-month commitment every year. That will be four years in a row," she told the magazine.

Why wasn t Sarah Paulson in AHS season 9? ›

Paulson reveals in a new interview with Vulture that in order for her to star in Mrs. America, she could not appear in American Horror Story:1984. "It [Mrs. America] was shooting exactly when American Horror Story was shooting, and I thought there was no way I could do both," Paulson shares.

Who is Evan Peters in season 7 of AHS? ›

Evan Peters stars as "Kai Anderson" in the seventh installment of American Horror Story.

What season of AHS is Evan Peters not in? ›

Sadly, Evan Peters will not be returning, he also skipped season 11 and season 9.

What hotel is Hotel Cortez based on? ›

The location is loosely based on the Cecil Hotel, marked by deaths and tragedies.

Has anyone been in every season of AHS? ›

Paulson and Peters are the show's biggest mainstays, having appeared in every season except 1984 (season 9).

Is Sarah Paulson done with AHS? ›

After skipping AHS: 1984, Sarah returned to American Horror Story for both parts of 2021's Double Feature season. Despite fan accounts reporting that she'll be back, Sarah has not yet been officially confirmed to appear in the mysterious, currently untitled, American Horror Story season 11.

Why is Evan Peters hair blue in AHS? ›

According to the actor, he was inspired by a certain cult flick starring Matthew Lillard. "That was originally my idea," Peters told Entertainment Weekly of dying his hair royal blue. "I remember seeing this movie called SLC Punk! and I always associated Detroit with this punk rock type scene.

How old was Evan Peters in the first episode of AHS? ›

Contrary to anything Hollywood may say, Peters, 34 years old at the time of filming, no longer appears young enough to portray his character, which is fine.

Who does Evan Peters play in AHS season 10? ›

Evan Peters as Austin Sommers.

Who is the masked man in American Horror Story Season 11? ›

Appearances. Big Daddy is an anonymous assailant haunting the streets of New York City wearing a leather mask and harness. It is a character in NYC portrayed by Matthew William Bishop. Big Daddy is a manifestation of the deadly virus claiming lives in the City.

Will Evan Peters return to AHS season 12? ›

Sadly, Evan Peters will not be returning. Other cast updates include The Resident's Matt Czuchry. Sarah Paulson will likely not join, either. But we're still waiting to hear about Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Denis O'Hare, Kathy Bates, and others, so we'll keep you posted!

Who is the weakest horror movie character? ›

Weakest Horror Movie Monsters We Could Easily Escape From
  • The Leprechaun (Leprechaun, 1993) ...
  • Jaws/Bruce (Jaws, 1975) ...
  • Jack Frost (Jack Frost, 1997) ...
  • Millard Findlemyer (The Gingerdead Man, 2005) ...
  • Chucky (Child's Play, 1998) ...
  • Eebee (Evil Bong, 2006) ...
  • Samara (The Ring, 2002) ...
  • Dracula (Hammer Horror Series)
Mar 7, 2021

Who is the real villain of AHS 1984? ›

Margaret Booth is the main antagonist of American Horror Story: 1984 and the true culprit of the 1970 Red Wood Camp massacre, for which she framed Benjamin Richter, her former best friend.

What is the saddest American Horror Story? ›

5 Saddest Deaths In American Horror Story
  • Violet Harmon (Murder House) The first series of the show got straight in with some shocking themes, making it clear that the program wanted to test the boundaries right from the offset. ...
  • Addie Langdon (Murder House) ...
  • Sister Jude (Asylum) ...
  • Misty Day (Coven)
Mar 8, 2023

What is the most liked season of AHS? ›

Season 9 (2019)

1984 is the best American Horror Story season and an homage to the beloved world of 1980s slasher movies, particularly Friday The 13th.

Who is the creepy kid in American Horror Story? ›

Appearances. Thaddeus Montgomery (also known as The Infantata) is a being crafted from the pieced together remains of Charles and Nora Montgomery's child. He is a character in the first season (dubbed by fans "Murder House") primarily portrayed by Benjamin Woolf (AHS).

Who is the main character in American Horror Story? ›

Who is the tattooed woman in AHS? ›

Lucky for Grace Gummer -- who is Meryl Streep's daughter, FYI -- she didn't have to sit through hours of temporary tattoo application to bring her "Lizard Girl" to life. Instead, a prosthetic was used to recreate the look that her father gave her as a punishment for her disobedience.

Who is the blue haired character in AHS? ›

Kai Anderson (“Cult”) — For his role as an alt right-inspired cult leader with blue hair and a Cheetos fixation, Peters earned a lead nomination at the Critics' Choice Awards and our own Gold Derby Awards.

Who is the hot redhead in American Horror Story? ›

Alexandra Breckenridge
Born1981/1982 (age 40–41) Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.
Other namesAlex Breckenridge
Years active1998–present
4 more rows

Did Evan Peters win any awards for AHS? ›

What role does Evan Peters play in AHS season 2? ›

Peters returned for AHS season 2 to play Kit Walker, the man sent to Briarcliff after he was wrongfully accused of being Bloody Face.

What season of American Horror Story is the best? ›

Season 4 (2014)

Freak Show is the most AHS season of AHS. It has the core actors playing a bunch of carnival freaks, tragic backstories, ghosts, and even a few musical numbers. It also features Jessica Lange in one of her best AHS roles, Elsa Mars, the leader of a carnival of misfits who dreams of being a star.

What Disney show was Evan Peters on? ›

From 2004 to 2005, he had a recurring role as Seth Wosmer in the first season of the Disney Channel series Phil of the Future.

What was the last AHS with Evan Peters? ›

Evan Peters has been in more seasons of FX's “American Horror Story” than any other male actor, appearing in all of them except for Season 9, “AHS: 1984,” and the upcoming Season 11, “AHS: New York City.” (Sarah Paulson matches his track record for female actors.)

How many awards has Evan Peters won? ›

Evan Peters Awards

Evan Peters has won 2 awardsGolden Globe Award in 2023.

What is the most hated AHS season? ›


Easily the most divisive season American Horror Story has ever thrown our way, Roanoke was part-reality show, part-traditional spookfest — and all completely insane.

What is the weakest season of AHS? ›

American Horror Story: 1984 truly suffered the loss of major, long-running cast members, with the weakest season ensemble so far. Though Billie Lourd and Emma Roberts valiantly attempted to pick up the slack, the absence of Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson was too great to overcome.

What is the least inappropriate season of AHS? ›

Roanoke is probably the most violent season, followed by Hotel. Coven is probably the least violent, as it was largely targeted to a teen audience.

Who does Evan Peters play in season 3? ›

Evan Peters: Kyle Spencer

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