American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played (2023)

WhileAmerican Horror Storyreinvents itself every season, one thing stays the same - Evan Peters always has a role, until now. The actor has appeared in Ryan Murphy's horror anthology since the series began in 2011. The ninth season, American Horror Story: 1984, debuts in September, although it will mark the first installment without Peters.

Peters has been a prominent cast member in AHS since the show was first introduced. The young actor has served as a primary character in the majority of the seasons. In many cases, Peters has portrayed more than one character and he has ahistory of reprising previous roles for interconnected seasons. Peters had an admirable acting career prior to American Horror Story but after teaming up with Murphy, the actor truly made a name for himself. Besides AHS, Peters has also starred in Murphy's fellow FX series, Pose.

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American Horror Story viewers were surprised to hear Peters would be absent from season 9 considering he's been a mainstay for the series. Peters has stated he's taking a break from acting and he planned to sit the season out. It's very likely Peters willreturn for the confirmed tenth season and possible future installments. As we await his AHS return, let's take a look back at Peter's history in the horror series.

Tate Langdon In American Horror Story: Murder House

American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played (1)
(Video) Every Evan Peters Character on American Horror Story

When Peters made his American Horror Story debut, he portrayed the troublesome teenager, Tate Langdon. He was originally thought to be a distraught patient of Ben Harmon and the love interest of Violet Harmon. In reality, he was a ghost who was trapped inside the Murder House. It was later revealed Tate carried out a school shooting years prior, something his mother, Constance, tried to keep hidden from the Harmons. Violet rejected Tate after learning the truth. Over the course of the season, Tate killed multiple people as the Rubber Man and raped Vivien Harmon, Ben's wife and Violet's mother. The birth led to Vivien's death and the child went on to become the Antichrist.

Kit WalkerIn American Horror Story: Asylum

Peters returned for AHS season 2 to play Kit Walker, the man sent to Briarcliff after he was wrongfully accused of being Bloody Face. His wife Alma was reportedly one of his victims but she was actually abducted by aliens. During his time at the asylum, he became a subject of experimentation by the hands of Dr. Arden. Kit became romantically involved with fellow patient Grace, and they ended up having a child together. He also helped Lana Winters expose the true Bloody Face killer, Dr. Thredson. The truth exonerated Kit and he was able to live his life with Grace and their child until he found out his first wife was still alive and recently had his child. The trio tried to live in a polyamorous relationship but that arrangement turned deadly. Kit raised his two kids but he was later re-abducted by aliens after he developed a form of cancer.

Kyle Spencer In American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played (3)
(Video) American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played

In American Horror Story: Coven, Peters played a smaller part in the role of Kyle Spencer. Kyle was a college student and the leader of a fraternity. He had big dreams for his future and he was relieved to finally get out of his poverty-stricken neighborhood and abusive home. Kyle was killed when Madison caused a bus crash involving the fraternity members. Madison and Zoe put his body back together using a spell but he lost the ability to speak. Kyle also suffered from murderous rages so he was appointed the guard of the coven atMiss Robichaux's Academy. He was romantically involved with both Madison and Zoe but he eventually chose the latter. Kyle ended up becoming the butler for the Academy when the season ended.


Jimmy DarlingIn American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played (4)

Peters portrayed Jimmy Darling in AHS season 4. Jimmy was the son of Ethel and Dell, two performers in Elsa's Freak Show. He was born with hands that resembled lobster claws so he was known as "Lobster Boy." He dreamed of the day he could leave the freak show and live a normal life. Jimmy became romantically involved with Maggie after the duo worked together to free the victims of Twisty the Clown. After Ethel was killed, Jimmy fell into a dark depression. To make matters worse, he was accused of carrying out a mass murder Dandy committed and his hands were severed. Jimmy later received wooden prosthetics resembling his claw hands. He eventually teamed up with Desiree, Bette,and Dot to get revenge of Dandy for killing their friends. Jimmy ended up marrying both Bette and Dot.

James Patrick MarchIn American Horror Story: Hotel

American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played (5)
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In American Horror Story: Hotel, Peters played James Patrick March, the wealthy businessman turned serial killer. He constructed the Hotel Cortez in the 1920s and designed it to carry out his killings. After one of his murders, he decided to committhe killings based on theTen Commandments. Mr. March was also romantically involved with the Countess but she never returned the feelings. The Countess turned Mr. March into the authorities so he had no choice but to kill himself in his office. His spirit remained in the hotel and he made a deal with the Countess so he could carry out his murders. He made Detective John Lowe his successor as the Ten Commandments Killer. Every year on Devil's Night, Mr. March hosted a special dinner for dead serial killers.

Edward Philipe Mott and Rory MonahanIn American Horror Story: Roanoke

American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played (6)

Peters pulled double duty in Roanoke playing two separate characters. First, it was Edward Philipe Mott, the wealthy aristocrat, and ancestor of Freak Show's Dandy Mott. He was the original owner of the Roanoke house Matt and Shelby later moved into. The real Edward ended up being locked in the cellar and killed by Roanoke colonists. Peters played the character through the reenactment special featured on AHS, titled My Roanoke Nightmare. This version of Edward was played by Rory Monahan, Peters' second role in the season. Rory agreed to return with the cast and their real-life counterparts to the follow-up show, Return to Roanoke. He never believed the supernatural accounts but he ended up being killed by deadly spirits during production.

Kai AndersonIn American Horror Story: Cult

American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played (7)
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Peters was an absolute gamechanger for American Horror Story: Cult, playing a total of seven characters. His primary character was Kai Anderson, a deranged young man who led a cult after the 2016 Presidential Election. Kai used fear to win people over and manipulated the media into supporting his efforts. He ran for city council after getting sympathetic support from the community. During that time, he was targeting Ally, one of his brother's patients but she ended up outwitting the cult leader. Ally was always one step ahead and had the FBI raid Kai's cult headquarters. She later set up an interaction between the two which got Kai killed.

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Throughout the season, Peters also portrayed a number of cult leaders and other important figures in a series of flashbacks and visions. He tried to teach his followers the success of former cults so he recounted well-known historical leaders in his mind. Peters playedMarshall Applewhite, David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Charles Mansion. The actor also portrayed Jesus and Andy Warhol in the season.

Mr. Gallant and Jeff PfisterIn American Horror Story: Apocalypse

American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played (8)
(Video) ■ Multi-Evan Peters ❖ "I think I found HELL" || American Horror Story [All Character] 1-8 [+8x01]

Peters introduced two new characters to American Horror Story: Apocalypse. First, he played Mr. Gallant, an eccentric hairdresser that resided in Outpost 3 during the apocalypse. He arrived there with his grandmother, Evie, who he despised. Mr. Gallant had a few foul run-ins with Michael Langdon (aka the Antichrist) and Rubber Man before he was poisoned and killed. Peters also played Jeff Pfister, a scientist that built Michael's robotic caretaker. Jeff also helped chose the occupants that were sent to Outpost 3 prior to the apocalyptic events.

Besides Mr. Gallant and Jeff, Peters brought back two former American Horror Story characters from previous seasons. Peters reprised his role as Mr. March for a sequence involving Queenie. The witch was previously killed at Hotel Cortez so her spirit remained there. Queenie spent her time playing cards with Mr. March until Cordelia, the current Supreme. arrived to rescue her but she was unsuccessful. Michael later showed up and brought her out of the spirit world much to Mr. March's disappointment. Peters also reappeared as Tate when Madison and Behold traveled to the Murder House to get information about Michael. They learned about Michael's origin and that Tate rejected the notion of being the boy's father. The entire Harmon family were stuck in the Murder House as ghosts but Violet still ignored Tate's presence. After he saved Vivien, Violet had a change of heart and reconciled with Tate.

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American Horror Story: Here's Every Character That Evan Peters Played? ›

Peters proved his incredible versatility by playing numerous cult leaders from history including Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh, Andy Warhol and Jesus Christ. However brief these characters may have been in the season, Peters was utterly transformative as each and every one of them.

How many characters does Evan Peters play in American Horror Story? ›

Evan Peters is the cast member who portrays the largest amount of characters so far, with a total of 16 characters. Over the ten seasons, he portrayed four LGBT characters; Edward Philippe Mott, Kai Anderson, Gallant and Jeff.

What roles has Evan Peters played? ›

Why did Evan Peters leave American Horror Story? ›

The actor has stated before that he needed a break from the anthology horror series. Peters also wanted to explore other roles and project. Most recently, Peters is seen in Netflix's Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, where he portrays serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

What villains did Evan Peters play? ›

Every Evan Peters Villain Ranked by How Much They Creep Us Out
  1. 1 Jeffrey Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.
  2. 2 Kai Anderson - American Horror Story: Cult. ...
  3. 3 Tate Langdon - American Horror Story: Murder House. ...
  4. 4 James Patrick March - American Horror Story: Hotel. ...
Dec 7, 2022

Who does Evan Peters play in AHS season 9? ›

Gallant (“Apocalypse”) — Peters clearly had a lot of fun playing Mr. Gallant, a snarky, well-tailored hairdresser trying to make the best of a bad situation after surviving the apocalypse.

Is Evan Peters in all the episodes of AHS? ›

Evan Peters has been in more seasons of FX's “American Horror Story” than any other male actor, appearing in all of them except for Season 9, “AHS: 1984,” and the upcoming Season 11, “AHS: New York City.” (Sarah Paulson matches his track record for female actors.)

What was Evan Peters best role on American Horror Story? ›

After his first portrayal of Tate In American Horror Story: Murder House, Peters has succeeded in a variety of roles over his time on the show. Perhaps his best work was in season two, dubbed Asylum, where he ironically played a genuinely good man who was assumed to be a psychopathic murderer.

What Marvel character is Evan Peters? ›

Evan Peters is neither a stranger to Marvel nor action movies. The actor played Quicksilver in the X-Men movies before taking on the role of Pietro Maximoff/Ralph Bohner in WandaVision.

How much money did Evan Peters make per episode? ›

Evan Peters Net Worth and How He Achieved It

According to multiple reliable sources, Evan Peters net worth is approximately $4 million, as of 2023. If you are wondering how much he makes per episode, we can say that for his role in the TV series “The Days”, Peters was making around $15,000 to $35,000 per episode.

Will Evan Peters ever return to AHS? ›

Is Evan Peters in AHS season 11? Everyone wants to know if Evan Peters is in AHS season 11. Unfortunately, Peters won't be returning for this installment. He's considered a veteran of the show, appearing in almost every season since its inception in 2011 in an incredibly intense role as Tate Langdon.

Why isn t Sarah Paulson in AHS season 11? ›

"I'm always open to it, but I feel like I've been doing it for a long time, and people might start getting sick of me in that world." When it comes to choosing new roles these days, Paulson is looking for something new. "I'm looking for new experiences and looking to collaborate in new ways with young filmmakers.

Will Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson return to AHS? ›

American Horror Story: Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will not return as main cast for season 11. Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will not feature in the main cast of the new series of American Horror Story, according to an announcement by FX.

Who does Evan Peters play in AHS season 5? ›

In Season 5, Hotel, Peters took on the role of real life serial killer James March. This fictional version of March was a ghost trapped inside the hotel he built. Despite his dark past, March was charming, and known for hosting killer Halloween parties.

What is the best season of American Horror Story? ›

Season 4 (2014)

Freak Show is the most AHS season of AHS. It has the core actors playing a bunch of carnival freaks, tragic backstories, ghosts, and even a few musical numbers. It also features Jessica Lange in one of her best AHS roles, Elsa Mars, the leader of a carnival of misfits who dreams of being a star.

Who does Evan Peters play in AHS season 10? ›

Evan Peters as Austin Sommers.

Why wasn t Sarah Paulson in AHS season 9? ›

Paulson reveals in a new interview with Vulture that in order for her to star in Mrs. America, she could not appear in American Horror Story:1984. "It [Mrs. America] was shooting exactly when American Horror Story was shooting, and I thought there was no way I could do both," Paulson shares.

Why did Jessica Lange quit AHS? ›

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly at the time, Jessica's explanation for her exit was simple – after four years on the project, she felt she'd run her course and struggled with the commitment every year. "This is a six-month commitment every year. That will be four years in a row," she told the magazine.

What character does Evan Peters play in season 4 of AHS? ›

In the fourth edition of “AHS,” Peters portrayed Jimmy Darling a.k.a. Lobster Boy, a performer in the freak show with deformed hands who dreams of living a “normal” life. Even though his story wasn't as enthralling as other characters he would play, there was a protectiveness to Jimmy that made him easy to root for.

How old was Evan Peters? ›

How old was Evan Peters in the first episode of AHS? ›

Contrary to anything Hollywood may say, Peters, 34 years old at the time of filming, no longer appears young enough to portray his character, which is fine.

What seasons is Tate Langdon in? ›

Tate Langdon, also known as the Rubber Man, a major antagonist in the American Horror Story franchise. He is the main antagonist of the show's first season, Murder House, a minor yet pivotal character in the eighth season, Apocalypse, and a major antagonist in the spin-off series, American Horror Stories.

Does Tate end up with Violet? ›

In the end, Violet and Tate make up, and we see them embrace one another as Madison and Behold leave the Murder House. It was a rare happy ending for American Horror Story, but it left Violet's actress Taissa Farmiga feeling conflicted.

Who does Evan Peters play in AHS season 11? ›

Everyone wants to know if Evan Peters is in AHS season 11. Unfortunately, Peters won't be returning for this installment. He's considered a veteran of the show, appearing in almost every season since its inception in 2011 in an incredibly intense role as Tate Langdon.

Who did Evan Peters date on American Horror Story? ›

Alexandra Breckenridge

Way before "American Horror Story," the actor, who played a young Moira O'Hara during the first season, reportedly dated Peters.

Who was Evan Peters ex? ›

Emma Roberts

In 2014, Peters proposed to Roberts, but by the following year, they ended the engagement.

How can Evan Peters be in WandaVision? ›

If this is the case, Peters' role in the fictional WandaVision sitcom could be explained away by revealing Peters to be another real person who was sucked into the anomaly and who is now under the influence of Wanda's magic, like the other residents of Westview.

Why is Evan Peters in Wanda? ›

The anxiety of not remembering the faces of your loved ones, misremembering, or actively misremembering things as a self-preservation tactic – all of that became fascinating to us, and we thought that by casting Evan [Peters] in the role, it would not only have that effect on Wanda, but it would have this meta layer ...

Did Evan Peters wear a prosthetic? ›

AHS' Evan Peters Went Through Multiple Hand Prosthetics For Freak Show's Jimmy. Sideshows have long been a subject of film and TV — with Tod Browning's "Freaks" being a notable addition. "American Horror Story" highlighted their unique take on the traveling attractions during Season 4.

How much does Sarah Paulson make per episode of American Horror Story? ›

Sarah Paulson, 47 – US$12 million

According to Money Inc, the prolific actress made US$80,000 per episode for her work in AHS, which adds to her impressive US$12 million net worth.

How much weight did Evan Peters gain? ›

"Then I was working out for episode 3 when Dahmer gets into working out and gained about 20 pounds for the end in prison to show how he looked then."

How long did it take Evan Peters to recover from AHS? ›

Evan Peters took 2 years to recover after filming AHS: Cult says Ryan Murphy. "He was still feeling it, the darkness, while we were making Pose season one, it got under his skin in a really hard long way."

Will Evan Peters return to AHS season 12? ›

Sadly, Evan Peters will not be returning. Other cast updates include The Resident's Matt Czuchry. Sarah Paulson will likely not join, either. But we're still waiting to hear about Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Denis O'Hare, Kathy Bates, and others, so we'll keep you posted!

What is season 11 of AHS called? ›

The eleventh season of the American horror anthology television series American Horror Story, subtitled NYC, takes place in 1980s New York City, and focuses on a string of killings involving gay men and the emergence of a new virus.

What is the most hated AHS season? ›


Easily the most divisive season American Horror Story has ever thrown our way, Roanoke was part-reality show, part-traditional spookfest — and all completely insane.

Which American Horror Story did Sarah Paulson not like? ›

Like many fans, Paulson wasn't convinced by Roanake, the sixth season of American Horror Story. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast, she opened up about her regret at not asking creator Ryan Murphy to be excluded from the season.

Will there be a season 12 of AHS? ›

Filming for season 12 of American Horror Story is well and truly under way and it certainly doesn't look like it's going to disappoint. For one thing, it boasts a star-studded cast, with Cara Delevingne joining returning star Emma Roberts, and newcomer to the cast Kim Kardashian for filming in New York City.

Is Evan Peters coming back for season 11? ›

Everyone wants to know if Evan Peters is in AHS season 11. Unfortunately, Peters won't be returning for this installment. He's considered a veteran of the show, appearing in almost every season since its inception in 2011 in an incredibly intense role as Tate Langdon.

How long were Emma Roberts and Evan Peters together? ›

Over the course of their seven-year relationship, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters had plenty of ups and downs. The duo first met on the set of their film Adult World in 2012, though sparks didn't exactly fly immediately.

Does Evan Peters come back in coven? ›

Series executive producers and co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk stated that, as with the second season, "many actors" would return for the third season in different roles. Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson all confirmed their returns.

How many seasons of AHS is Evan Peters in? ›

Peters gained wide recognition for playing multiple roles over ten seasons in Ryan Murphy's FX anthology series American Horror Story, from 2011 to 2021. His performance as a detective in the HBO crime miniseries Mare of Easttown (2021) won him a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

Has anyone been in every season of AHS? ›

Paulson and Peters are the show's biggest mainstays, having appeared in every season except 1984 (season 9).

Who does Lady Gaga play in AHS season 5? ›

Lady Gaga portrayed Elizabeth Johnson, the self-styled Countess and carrier of a blood virus in the fifth season, Hotel, and the re-enacted Scáthach, a wicked ancient witch, in the in-universe documentary "My Roanoke Nightmare" in the sixth season, Roanoke.

What is the least inappropriate season of AHS? ›

Roanoke is probably the most violent season, followed by Hotel. Coven is probably the least violent, as it was largely targeted to a teen audience.

What is the scariest episode of American Horror Story? ›

American Horror Story: The Scariest Episodes, Ranked
  1. 1 The Coat Hanger (Asylum, Episode 9)
  2. 2 Neighbors From Hell (Cult, Episode 3) ...
  3. 3 Piggy Piggy (Murder House, Episode 6) ...
  4. 4 Chapter 5 (Roanoke, Episode 5) ...
  5. 5 Checking In (Hotel, Episode 1) ...
  6. 6 Monsters Among Us (Freak Show, Episode 1) ...
  7. 7 Camp Redwood (1984, Episode 1) ...
Nov 16, 2022

Is it important to watch AHS in order? ›

The first, third, and eighth seasons are deeply connected and should be watched in the order they were released. To not miss any details, watching them one after the other may help remember all the characters and their story arcs.

Does Evan Peters play in all AHS seasons? ›

Evan Peters has been in more seasons of FX's “American Horror Story” than any other male actor, appearing in all of them except for Season 9, “AHS: 1984,” and the upcoming Season 11, “AHS: New York City.” (Sarah Paulson matches his track record for female actors.)

Why does season 10 of AHS change? ›

American Horror Stories also gives us a further clue as to why the original show has split Season 10 into two. The creation of the spin-off show that tells a new story every week showed that the show was willing to experiment with telling shorter stories.

Are Red Tide and Death Valley connected? ›

As far as I know, both parts don't connect with each other and both parts don't connect to past seasons.

What character does Evan Peters play in AHS season 10? ›

Evan Peters as Austin Sommers.

How many characters did Sarah Paulson play in AHS? ›

Thus far, Sarah is the only member of the cast to portray three different full-fledged characters in two different seasons. Aside from Murder House, where she was a guest star, Paulson appeared in every single episode of the seasons she starred in.

Which season of AHS is Tate in? ›

Tate Langdon, the ghostly villain of Murder House

The main character of Murder House, the first season of iconic TV show American Horror Story, is as perplexing as he is petrifying.

Who has been in every season of AHS? ›

Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe have returned most frequently, with each having appeared in nine seasons, followed by Frances Conroy who appears in eight, with Denis O'Hare appearing in seven, and Emma Roberts set to appear in her sixth.
American Horror Story
No. of episodes123 (list of episodes)
23 more rows

Why isn t Sarah Paulson on AHS anymore? ›

Most prominent is Sarah Paulson, who has appeared in every single season bar one – season nine's 1984 – and even that was down to a scheduling conflict with Miss America rather than a lack of desire to be there.

What did Tate Langdon do to Violet's mom? ›

The Tate situation devolves even more when you find out Tate isn't just a mass murderer — he's a rapist, too. Episode “Rubber Man” confirms ghost Tate raped Violet's mother Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton), leading to the birth of Michael (Cody Fern), the antichrist.

Why did Tate impregnate Vivien? ›

Tate chose to get it on with Vivien apparently to appease Nora, who doesn't seem to realize she's dead and desperately wants her sewn-together little baby back. Hence, Tate's Connie Britton hookup was just a means to make sure another wee one shows up in the house.

Will Tate be in season 10? ›

Evan Peters will reprise his role as Tate Langdon in American Horror Story season 10.

Who is the scariest character in AHS? ›

American Horror Story: 10 Scariest Villains, Ranked
  • 8 Madame Lalaurie. ...
  • 7 Papa Legba. ...
  • 6 The Countess. ...
  • 5 Sister Mary Eunice. ...
  • 4 Kai Anderson. ...
  • 3 The Butcher. ...
  • 2 Bloody Face. ...
  • 1 Twisty The Clown.
Nov 21, 2022

Who is the most popular character in AHS? ›

Sister Jude Martin ('Asylum')

There's arguably not an unfavorable character played by Jessica Lange, but of all the actress' AHS characters, it's Sister Jude Martin from American Horror Story: Asylum that takes the number one spot.


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