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Pros: "10/10 would recommend.."

Pros: "The crew was amazing. They left snacks and drinks out in between service."

Pros: "Ok"

Cons: "Flight was late"

Pros: "Crew was amazing. Good movie selection. Pretty comfortable."

Cons: "Six hour delay. They gave us $20 Franc voucher for food but in the airport a latte is 7.50 so 20 did not even buy a bowl of soup."

Pros: "Seat more comfortable than most economy seats with other airlines. Smiling, attentive cabin attendants. Good food. Easy to get to next flight. Seems a bit more spacious than other airlines."

Cons: "Free Wifi."

Pros: "Outstanding service by the crew."

Cons: "Seats in economy area little cramped"

Pros: "They had many snacks and meals. Staff was very friendly."

Cons: "The dinner taste was not great. Seating is very uncomfortable and small. Really limited on space if seat is reclined in front of you."

Cons: "Seats are too cramped for an international flight."

Pros: "Attendants were very pleasant and helpful"

Cons: "The plane was extremely cramped as the seats reclined so far back that it rested on my knees. It was extremely difficult to keep my seat back up which created an uncomfortable angle for my back on a 9 hour flight. The cabin was extremely warm and there was little airflow. The airline also lost our luggage"

Pros: "Same as above- wonderful crew, smooth take off and landing Very pleasant flight attendants the entire flight Service was great"

Cons: "Again / wish all airlines had more comfortable seating in economy clas"

Pros: "The food that I did get was decent There was wine A couple decent movies were available"

Cons: "They were basically out of food almost everytime they got to me. The Arm rest only went half way up They didnt pass out water as much as they usually do"

Pros: "Lots of room because plane was half full"

Cons: "I arrived almost early enough to get on an earlier flight. I think if I'd pleaded a bit more..."

Pros: "Customer service is excellent."

Pros: "Was smooth. From take off to landing. Captain kept us informed all the way to our destination."

Cons: "No complaints."

Pros: "Not sure why airline companies buy planes where the seat in front recline to the lap of the costumer behind where it makes a 9 hr flight miserable"

Pros: "Boarding music"

Cons: "Changed our seats after check in"

Pros: "Kindness"

Pros: "Food was good and staff was nice."

Cons: "Touch screens didn't work very well, poor entertainment selection compared to other airlines, poor sound quality"

Pros: "He service was fantastic."

Pros: "Wonderful flight with less leg room . Since I am 5’6’m I was fit enough on the seats, beyond that you should be worried about"

Cons: "Flight attendant, food , service and many good things except the leg room which you regret in your entire journey"

Pros: "Excellent, super-friendly crew, excellent meal"

Pros: "always enjoying my swiss flights. Thanks guys good job"

Pros: "Flight was fine! Snack and beverages were good. However, when you buy the ticket for the international flight, what they don’t tell you is the extra €40- FORTY EURO you will spend to check a not big bag. For this reason I would fly with another airline next time."

Cons: "Extra fees for checked bags"

Pros: "I really liked the "About my flight" application on the viewing screens because it always gave me an idea of what we were flying over and how much longer we woulld be in the air. The food was excellent and I was pleasantly surprised that I could have wine with dinner or any time the attendants offered beveragess. The attendants were always professional and helpful. They all were fluent in English as well as several other languages. It was a nice touch when the attendant wore white gloves when he or she was collecting passengers' trash after meals and/or beverage service. I loved the cheese that was served at dinner."

Cons: "My seat was a little confined when I put my carry-on bag in front of me on the flight to Zurich, but it was roomier when I stowed my carry-on in the overhead compartment on the returtn flight."

Pros: "No assists"

Cons: "Poor service"

Pros: "Good food, ice cream and free alcohol"

Pros: "Comfortable....customer-service oriented staff. Enjoyable food, and entertainment."

Pros: "I was concerned the connections would be too tight but it worked out great!"

Pros: "Best services."

Pros: "The seat, the airport, the service"

Cons: "The tight connection"

Pros: "overall very satisfied"

Cons: "no issues"

Pros: "Easy. Pleasant staff. I felt safe and happy."

Pros: "2 Long flights. Friendly, efficient crew. Plane was clean. Price was good."

Pros: "Boarding was on time. Staff very courteous. No complaints at all"

Pros: "Both the food and service were fantastic. A great choice of mid flight entertainment"

Cons: "We loose our flight and they didn't give us any chance to save some money on a new ticket."

Pros: "Crew was excellent."

Cons: "The advanced seat reservations that we had paid for 7 months in advance were changed to very uncomfortable substitutes without giving us a reason."

Pros: "crew was great. Food was excellent. Bathrooms in good shape."

Cons: "No internet. Very slim choices for entertainment."

Pros: "Great kosher food!"

Cons: "Leg room"

Cons: "see above"

Pros: "Fantastic flight attendants, good food. I felt safe throughout the whole travel."

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Same as on top"

Cons: "The seats"

Pros: "Terrific flight. All on schedule"

Pros: "Food, service,"

Pros: "smooth, professional, comfortable"

Pros: "Seats are roomy"

Cons: "Selection of movies rather poor"

Pros: "Attentive crew"

Cons: "Long wait for baggage at destination"

Pros: "The crew on my flight were the best crew I have ever had in the past ten years. They handled a conflict of a difficult passenger that was sitting in my seat instead of her assigned seat with the utmost professionalism. They were very kind overall."

Pros: "Professional. On time. Attentive. Great movies. Overall great."

Cons: "Nothing"

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Pros: "Seats were super comfortable!"

Pros: "Great service"

Pros: "Service, food, comfort, entertainment."

Pros: "The crew was attentive and friendly!"

Pros: "crew was good enough... but seats was not comfortable, screen was broken and in general plane was a bit old for 2019 futures"

Cons: "more space for legs, modern screens"

Cons: "The crew isn’t very friendly, they do not know English very much."

Pros: "Entertainment"

Cons: "Plane was hot on the flight going TK 6. Flight on the way back TK 5 was much better."

Pros: "Pretty comfy flight"

Cons: "The screens didn't work to watch movie or to see the flight time and distance"

Pros: "nothing"

Cons: "was unable to upgrade tickets in advance off of web site. Others in Greece and Italy tried to assist as well and found same and when calling 800 numbers the calls were not going thru or hold time was overly extreme. Was told at Athens check in to upgrade in Instanbul and to go to transfer desk to get upgrade. An upgrade of $1200.00 Euro's is extreme Being packed like sardines for a 10 plus hour flight is not good. It is also unhealthy. Turkish Airlines should consider something other then the 777 for any international flying."

Pros: "everything"

Cons: "i liked everything"

Pros: "overall, service was great"

Cons: "seats are too narrow"

Cons: "This was the worst I have ever experienced. My flight arrived into Istanbul and 45 minutes until the departure I was told it had already left. I later found out something very similar had happened to a man from London, a couple from Boston, three people from Ghana, and many more that were taken advantage of in an attempt to sell tickets for them to go home. Never in my life have I seen such corruption first hand in a business that claims to be professional. I travel with them roughly twice a year so I'm not really a huge spender when it comes to their service, however I have suggested many to use their airlines. Never again will I make this mistake, and never again will I fly with them. I think I would rather spend the few extra hundred dollars than to have to experience that again. Turkish airlines you have lost my service and my respect."

Pros: "The entertainment system (the movies, songs and ext) The food was good."

Cons: "The seats MUST be updated."

Pros: "The food and quality of the flight was incredible."

Cons: "The boarding process was chaotic, partly due to the airport layout, however it would be great if they were able to sort a less chaotic way to transport business class passengers out to the jets in less cramped busses."

Pros: "The meals and in flight entertainment"

Cons: "The seating I needed more leg room"

Pros: "The meals and in flight entertainment."

Cons: "I needed more leg room. I felt squeezed"

Pros: "Great service!"

Pros: "The friendly crew provided slippers, sleep mask, mini tooth brushes & paste, socks & lip balm for each passenger which was very nice. The food was really decent for airplane food & they provided free alcohol beer or wine with both of the 2 meals. Each seat had a usb spot to charge your phone & a nice screen for watching movies & tv shows. Wish there were more movie & tv show options, only suggestion."

Pros: "Never flying back with this airline"

Cons: "Very bad customer service"

Pros: "Everything was great."

Pros: "Good entertainment selection. Good enough food."

Cons: "Not enough legroom. No need at all for those foot rests."

Pros: "I was upgraded to first class. Awesome flight. Great food"

Pros: "crew, fod, entertainment was great"

Cons: "seats"

Pros: "Crew accommodated at seat change so I had a space between me and the next passenger and I got a row seat."

Cons: "Trying to reclaim our laptops at the end of the trip was a nightmare. They confiscated all electronic devices larger than a cellphone due to new Trump regulations (not their fault). Fine. But they were so disorganized about the process. When trying to reclaim the devices after the flight utter chaos ensued. That was their fault. Passengers were on the verge of violence and it could have been avoided by simply being more organized."

Pros: "Very good legroom"

Pros: "food, large touch screen..."

Pros: "Crew"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The airline was very hospitable and efficient. All flights were on time, boarding and de-boarding were very quick and painless. Crew was extremely helpful and kind. Food was good, seats were comfortable, and entertainment was good. For the money and time spent on this flight we felt we got an extremely good deal and would take this airline again, and recommend."

Cons: "The planes were pretty warm/hot for most of our flights. I'm not sure if air condition was available, but I know some people asked. It did cool down eventually so they must have turned on air or fans, but I know the heat was on at some points which made it a bit uncomfortable for such a long flight."

Pros: "Employees were very helpful. Service was great."

Pros: "Besides the birth of my daughter, this trip to Italy through Istanbul was the greatest THING that I've experienced, EVER! My flight with Turkish Airlines was a HUGE part of that odyssey!"

Cons: "Because of my delayed flight from Atlanta, I missed my connecting flight from Turkey to Rome! So, in the future (yes I plan on flying through Turkish Airlines exclusively for international travel), I will book my flightts with a larger "gap" between flights! Otherwise....Turkish Airlines is PERFECTO!☺"

Pros: "Excellent!"

Pros: "Service was amazing! Highly recommend."

Pros: "as above"

Cons: "as above"

Pros: "Good smooth flight, decent food, good movie selection."

Pros: "Food , sercive"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Food, service, toiletries, entertainment"

Cons: "Airlines cancelled flights out of Rome and made several changes to our return flight which caused us to stay 22 hrs long layover in Istanbul. We had to make several long phone calls to ensure we can get the connecting flight from istanBill to San Francisco."

Pros: "Great customer service and food!"

Cons: "Nothing. They were great!!"

Pros: "Promptness Courteous staff Personalized entertainment"

Pros: "Food was fine and entertainment system was great. Watched movies the whole way. We arrived 1 hour early."

Cons: "I was pulled aside for extra security. That was fine but there were a few other passengers that should have been pulled over for extra security besides me. It took an extra 20 minutes for me to board the plane because of this and when I arrived to my seat an Arab woman was sitting in my place and refused to move to the middle seat. She said she could not and would not sit next to a man who was sitting on the other side. If this is a problem from the start, there should be a way to choose a seat according to gender. The stewardess found me another place in front of this woman who kicked my seat the whole way. She even argued with the stewardess about putting her suitcase above her in the rack and security was almost called. There should be something included in the flight information program about being polite to other passengers."

Pros: "The service was good, the food was good. No complaints"

Pros: "Nice staff, food was good, comfortable seats"

Pros: "Transit was okay."

Cons: "Food was not accommodated - no vegetarian food provided."

Pros: "Food"

Cons: "Boarding and airplane age."

Cons: "Sat 44A. The entire row behind me had 1 adult & 2 children. 2 Hours into the flight, there were 4 children, no adults and the seats were used as a playpen. 7 hours of kicking, punching the screen, opening the window shutter during "sleeping time" as instructed by the crew. Wine was poured on my back, water splashed on the person next to me, children were climbing over my head... etc. No parents or flight attendants could help the situation. Boarding was a mess. 10-15 passengers surrounding me sat anywhere they wanted creating a delay to push back because everyone just sat with their family and disregarded the chaos it created for those individual travelers wanting to sit in "THEIR PROPER SEAT". This was the worst / never ending flying experience I've ever had. I will never fly Turkish Airlines again."

Pros: "Flight timing and the crew were excellent"

Cons: "None"

Pros: "The flights attending."

Cons: "The waiting time for next flight."

Pros: "great food"

Pros: "I love Turkish Airlines overall. Their bigger international airplanes have more leg room for a coach for longer flights. Crew were courteous and professional."

Pros: "The crew was very nice."

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Cons: "The cup holder on my seat was broken and wouldn't stay up... So minor. Other than that, we had a very pleasant flight in TA."

Cons: "Flew SAS Plus. Extra seat width and leg room made all the difference versus SAS Go. Money well spent."

Pros: "The crew was nice and the food was good."

Cons: "More entertainment options"

Pros: "The crew was truly kind and accommodating."

Cons: "The food wasn’t very good. I purchased the WiFi and it was TERRIBLE. I had work projects I was hoping to complete on the trip and I could barely get anything to load beyond email. Total waste of money and effort."

Pros: "Everything!!! Excellent service"

Pros: "Check in at the airport gate was handled professionally."

Cons: "Bought our seats 2 months in advance. One day before flight, saw our assigned seats were changed, someone had our original seats 31G/H, and we were put in 48C/D. Could not get any assistance to correct the situation until we were at the gate and by that time no comparable seats were available. Also, my husband spilled his drink; one of the attendants said he was too busy to help with cleanup. Fortunately, another attendant came over after my husband went to the galley to again ask for assistance."

Pros: "On time."

Cons: "The cabin crew was detached, and curt."

Pros: "Movie selection, warm buns,"

Cons: "no thing to report"

Pros: "The water bottles, pillow, and earbuds were on the seats."

Cons: "The returning flight to the US they did not dim the lights so that it was comfortable to sleep. A red light was shining down on my head most of the trip because I had a window seat. It was very annoying."

Cons: "Delayed flight, missed connection, lost baggage."

Cons: "Only one free soda. Beer and wine for a fee."

Pros: "Great flight. Wonderful staff. No turbulence!"

Cons: "I had requested an aisle seat and on both flights to and from Stockholm and Chicago had to sit on the very last row in the middle seat between 2 people who seemed to exceed the "weight allowance" that seem so important now when you flight unless you spend a lot a money on the ticket and it then becomes irrelevant !!"

Cons: "Service was poor and seats were uncomfortable. There were only 4 flight attendants for the entire flight. It took over an hour for our food to be served after we received our drinks. The food was not good at all. The movie options were not the best either. Also, it was so hot during the entire flight especially once we landed and taxied for 30 minutes. I flew SAS to Europe and really enjoyed my flight but this experience makes me never want to fly SAS again!"

Pros: "In-flight entertainment had a good variety of options to choose from. Passport control was timely. Food service was also timely and efficient."

Cons: "As with most airplanes, the air was quite cold, but the SAS blanket adequately made things a bit warmer. I'm always puzzled by the fact that once business class and SAS plus passengers board that SAS Go passengers can all then board. It would make more sense to have people board from the back during this time so that people don't block aisles and it makes arranging overhead baggage a bit easier."

Pros: "Very helpful crew. Goes out of the way to be helpful certainly in the transatlantic part of the flights. Entertainment is excellent."

Cons: "Food taste is terrible. They did accommodate us in getting vegetarian diet. However, online means to do this was impossible. Choices were not provided when we tried to do seat selection. In fact the web site gave wrong information that there are no meals offered even for the selection of the transatlantic flights. Toll free number calls were put on hold over an hour without success. Eventually chat worked. In the flight segment within Europe they do not even offer water for free. Charging 3 Euros for a small can of water/soda is a rip off."

Cons: "I paid for internet but it never worked"

Cons: "The seat next to me was open and they moved someone over next to me."

Pros: "Legroom"

Pros: "Friendly crew. First meal was good."

Cons: "Small movie selection. Second meal/snack not great. Older plane (still had ashtrays in arm rests)."

Pros: "Once again the atmosphere was terrific. The cleanliness of the plane was good. The staff was awesome."

Cons: "As above."

Pros: "Good flight attendants and a plus for the early arrival."

Cons: "The lack of lounge access at the airport in Rome (Fiumicino). Not receiving any food/snacks on a three hour flight is quite poor."

Pros: "Delicious food"

Pros: "Friendly crew, overall excellent flight, excellent food"

Cons: "I have already answered this question. Enough."

Pros: "Great flight"

Pros: "My flight was more pleasant from Stockholm to Chicago because I was able to purchase an upgrade to Plus."

Pros: "The flight attendants were good at checking on the needs of the passengers"

Pros: "Flights ran on time."

Cons: "Suitcase arrived badly damaged. Crew was rude and inattentive. It was hard to get water during the flight."

Cons: "No wifi"

Pros: "Wheel chair service excellent."

Cons: "No wet wipes on the food trays !"

Pros: "The boarding process worked well."

Cons: "The crew didn't seem to care much. The entertainment systems didn't really work and the response was simply deal with it. The food was terrible. The crew did not handle the passengers at all as they were up consistently and taking stuff out of the overhead containers."

Pros: "Space between rows of seats was excellent"

Cons: "No options in menu. No free wine, beer and other spirits."

Pros: "Flight was short."

Pros: "Everything was good"

Cons: "Everything was good"

Pros: "Great food, smooth trip"

Cons: "Could use bigger movie selection"

Pros: "There was enough space for your legs, there were blankets and pillows which is nice for a long flight. The individual entertainment screen is preferable for a long flight, so you can watch a movie of your own choice."

Cons: "There were two diner options, chicken or cod, and I was just given the cod without having an option to choose."

Pros: "We were very impressed by the customer service and how comfortable our flight was. I will definitely fly with SAS again."

Pros: "One of the best we've experienced--very comfortable very spacious seats , The crew is very attentive and accommodating. We were fed three times and was offered beverages frequently."

Cons: "NONE"

Pros: "Much roomier than united"

Pros: "Was upgraded to business class"

Cons: "That I didn't make it to Chicago the day I planned. My first leg had computer issues in Rome which pushed the flight back 4 hours which then made me miss my connecting flight. Had to stay a night in Copenhagen and fly out at 1540 the next day."

Pros: "Too cramped"

Pros: "Business class upgrade was very nice. Food was good and entertainment options were above par. Loved the quality of the pillows and blankets. Also loved the fresh fruit and candy snacks."

Cons: "The gate agents refused to provide my boarding pass until the entire plane had boarded already. I was one of the last people on. I wasn't given a reason for this or assured I wouldn't be put on a later flight. This caused a lot of stress during my layover."

Pros: "The flight staff was fantastic!"

Pros: "The food is great, the flight attendants are great, and the flight is comfortable."

Cons: "There is little legroom unless you are in first class."

Pros: "Good, comfortable plane and friendly crew."

Cons: "The food was mediocre."

Cons: "Everything...I was not on the flight. The fight was cancelled due to the on-going Swedish pilot strike. The first option SAS provided was getting out in a week. I said that would not work. They then scheduled me on Lufthansa, but due to delays in Frankfurt due to weather we missed out connection to ORD. 4+ hours after standing in endless lines Lufthansa resheduled us the next day. But, it took nearly two days to get home."

Cons: "That I wasnt on the flight! Air traffic in Rome delayed us from leaving on time. Airline wouldnt comment until 15 minutes before landing if connecting flights would be held. They werent...we were 45 minutes late. Though my son and I were put up in a hotel it didnt compensate for our missed engagement in Chicago.1 full day gone!"

Pros: "Everything was great! And it got better because of all the amenities we had because of the delay :)"

Pros: "Comfortable seats!"

Cons: "Dublin was difficult off boarding, had to take a bus and multiple multiple steps and escalators. Difficult for people trying to connect in under 90 minutes"

Cons: "Not getting bumped from a flight set up 2 months ago"

Cons: "The flight from Rome to Dublin was 1 hr. Delayed (aer lingus also)therefore we missed our connecting flight to Los Angeles we missed our flight."

Pros: "I liked the fact that Aer Lingus screwed up so badly that I got to fly United back to Chicago instead of Aer Lingus."

Cons: "They could have gotten us to and from our destination on time. Ten hours late coming in and 24 hours late getting out. They could not have lost our luggage for 5 days. The logistics people haven't a clue. I feel sorry for the customer service people who have to work for this organization."

Pros: "U.S. Customs at the Dublin airport is helpful so when you land in the US after a long flight you can get home quicker."

Cons: "Nothing. All was great."

Cons: "Food was meh...would have rather had a sandwich than the congealed mess that was supposed to be cheese sauce. Needed way more water offered for such a long flight."

Pros: "Seats offered decent space and crew was nice."

Cons: "I called the airlines and requested a special meal, and was only provided it one-way so was left unable to eat anything. Water was free, but would only give you small amounts and was very infrequent. Waiting in the queue to check luggage took over an hour. There were only a few attendants, and at one point all attendants left except for the one that was checking in flight attendants. Awful."

Pros: "Crew was professional and polite. Food was tasty. Good entertainment available."

Cons: "Unfortunately, some technical issues prevented us from taking off on time, and we had about an 1 hour and 15 minute delay."

Cons: "Dublin airport was very confusing! Inconsistent information about gate and flight details in the monitors - was stressful enough that flight was delayed"

Pros: "The flight attendants on the plane were friendly an d helpful."

Cons: "Boarding was disorganized. There was no reason or logic as to how people board the plane. People sitting at the back of the plane boarded with people sitting at the front of the plane. No in flight entertainment. Seating was tight. When we landed in Dublin we were ushered onto a bus to our connecting flight. I wish they had mentioned that would happen."

Pros: "Staff held the plane 30 minutes to allow us to make the flight."

Cons: "Its hard to sleep on the plane when staff"

Pros: "Service and people were nice enough"

Cons: "Seats are a bit uncomfortable and thin. Less room then normal US domestic flight. Lost my bags."

Pros: "We arrived minutes earlier."

Cons: "The cabin lights after dinner were supposed to go off so people could sleep. The lights were going on and off uncontrollably the last few hours of the flight. Flight attendant said the plane had issues with the "control panel because it was an old plane". The worst part was when a female flight attendant wouldn't move her feet over a few inches while sitting in her chair, so that I (a pregnant woman) could use the closest bathroom to my seat in the back cabin. I had to ask her twice and both times she confirmed "She was on her break and would not move her feet" so that I could use the bathroom. Also note, the seatbelt sign was off but that wasn't even her excuse. The bathrooms were dirty and the toilet seats need to be replaced to be asked to sit on those is degrading!"

Cons: "Tight plane. Curry? Really? Couldn't get boarding pass for partner airline until I got to the airport. Never again! Amateurish airline. Directions from staff made us go through security again."

Pros: "Food was definitely improved!"

Cons: "Worst flight experience I've ever had and I'm 70+ years old. In Dublin we were diverted from JFK to Hartford due to "mechanical problems" and told we'd be met at the gate and provided ground transportation to JFK. Approximately 30 others going to either JFK or Boston were told the same thing and joined us on a half empty flight to Hartford. When we landed there was no representative at the gate, no ground transportation provided, and no effort to help us. A little investigation on cell phones revealed both the Boston and JFK flights left on time (and I'm guessing full). Needless to say the customers were quite upset. Some even raised their voices which caused the kid representatives of Aer Lingus to call the state troopers (really). When the troopers did nothing the Aer Lingus reps locked themselves in their office rather than deal with their customers. After 2 hours of waiting for the promised ground transportation we gave up, rented a car, and drove ourselves to our destination at our own expense. We were never provided even a free drink. Horrible. Lies upon lies upon lies. I'll never consider flying with them again"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Tv"

Pros: "The crew was lovely"

Cons: "The space given was considerably smaller than other transatlantic flights and there were also no alcoholic beverages included when other airlines do."

Pros: "Seating location was as expected and service was great. We enjoyed the overall flight experience. In hindsight, I did appreciate the customs check in Dublin versus having to do it in Chicago. That ended up being a nice surprise."

Cons: "Not as rushed as with Milan, but still a lot of confusing check points with poor instruction along the way. More of an airport design than anything, but still it was 'unnecessarily' confusing."

Pros: "Everything on time, good crew service, good food"

Cons: "Entertainment system issues: slow response, flight info maps didn't work"

Cons: "Seats very uncomfortable with very little padding. I'm glad I went to seat prior to my flight so I could bring a seat cushion!"

Pros: "Please see end of negative comments."

Cons: "Four hour delay that started out as a one hour delay, then we were told it would be a two hour delay. Ended as four hours. First mechanical and then fuel spill. Since the delay was so long the hallway lights in gate area seemed pre-set to turn off; so they did turn off, leaving travelers in the waiting area in semi-darkness. On the positive, we were each given 7euro food voucher and closest food vender remained open for us. Ground crew maintained their professionalism and good humor... even when all could see jet fuel leaking out of the fuel truck lines attached to the aircraft and runway/taxi/apron staff scrambling as the fire trucks pulled up. Fuel pooled around the truck and formed a riverlet flowing about forty feet .Yikes! ...but in the end we got home safe!"

Cons: "After booking 2 months in advance to be placed at the LAST ROW next to the toilets? I will think long and hard before booking Aer Lingus."

Pros: "On time departure and early arrival."

Cons: "System wouldn't allow me to check in online but my wife, who was on the same booking, had no problems. Also, did not appreciate being charged for a cup of tea and a biscuit. It was only four euros fifty but still, seems like that ought to be included in the price of the ticket."

Pros: "Enjoyed Empty seat next to me. Food was good. Good attention for snacks and drinks from flight attendants. Boarding process was orderly and efficient in Dublin."

Cons: "Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 09:26:17 -0500 Subject: Re: How was your Aer Lingus flight to Chicago? The Aer Lingus flight was fine, but Vanama, the middle agency that youhave processed my tickets through- caused me a lot of stress. The daybefore my flight, I was trying to check in, and I received a message thatmy reservation was cancelled. I called Vanama, who rudely put me on morethan 30- minute hold on the phone, told me that Aer Lingus would not dealwith them, but the customer directly. I told him(Daniel of Vanama) that Ihave paid for my fare, that it was their responsibility, not mine to dealwith the airline. Never-the-less I tried calling the Airline, severaltimes, and listened to their own voice messages up to 2 in the morning ofthe day of my flight. Lacking sleep, and still not packed, I went to bed, went very early to the Madrid airport. I knew by the look on the AerLingus(Cristina) staff that there was a problem---she went ahead issued mea boarding pass, told me to go to the ticket counter in Dublin, and ask forhelp. After going from one floor to another, and another, to twodifferent staff-the problem sorter at Aer Lingus told me, Vanama never issued the ticket. That they should not have let me board the plane in Madrid, but he said he took care of the mess. Now you want to know how my flight went."

Pros: "The stewards and stewardesses kept a cheery attitude and tried their best to deal with the customer complaints and the constant need of attention of people whose entertainment units didn't work."

Cons: "Unfortunately, I was the unlucky one and had the broken tv and remote set for the entirety of the plane. About 1 in every 3 people however were experiencing issues with their video or audio and had to have their sets rebooted multiple times. This was mainly due to it just being a very old plane and the systems not working anymore. As one of the stewardesses said, she can reboot it, but shes not an engineer. It is majorly time for them to update their interiors."

Pros: "SItting on the aisle near the toilets"

Cons: "Seat curved up on the sides which strained my back & thigh muscles."

Pros: "No one was assigned the seat next to me so I got to slide over from my leg limited seat."

Cons: "Sound quality on movies was terrible. My suitcase made it with me but my golf clubs did not. Still waiting on word about clibs"

Pros: "On time. More or less comfortable. Food was fine. Attendants were professional."

Cons: "Limited entertainment; old screen and remote was hard to work."

Pros: "Seats were comfortable"

Cons: "The entire check in and paying for baggage took 1 hour and 24 minutes in Rome."

Pros: "All flight attendants were cheery & kind throughout the 8-hour flight."

Cons: "Only downsides were with Dublin airport/U.S. security, so not Aer Lingus's fault."

Pros: "Movie options were awesome on such a long flight!"

Pros: "I liked that they eventually let my wife and I sit together."

Cons: "The tickets we were assigned were separate. I have no idea why you would assign a couple separate seats, but thankfully they were both window seats and excellent bargaining chips. They partnered with United to get us home and only booked out luggage to O'Hare, which was not our final destination. They lost two identical bags along the way from Barcelona to O'Hare. My bet is they're being rifled through in Dublin right now."

Pros: "Great flight on this flight. Reagular earbuds work with entertainment system, seats were very comfortable with a bit of more leg room, again, the food was great."

Pros: "The Aer Lingus crew on board were awesome. Very helpful in helping me to sort out my seat and getting me comfortable. (Hadnt slept the night before)."

Cons: "Al Italia, working for Aer Lingus, put me in the very last row on both flights despite checking in three hrs before an inter-europe flight. This was my eighth Aer Lingus flight in six months. Should be better customer service from your partners."

Pros: "inflight entertainment uptions were good."

Cons: "check-in terrible, website was down, stuck in a window seat for over 9 hours. seats in main cabin are too small."

Cons: "I wasn't able to board the flight. System prevented me from checking my bags all the way through to LA had to leave terminal and was not allowed onto flight"

Pros: "The crew was phenomenal. They were able to handle the plane issues and boarding problems with a smile and did their best to accommodate and make things right but unfortunately had limited resources available to them."

Cons: "Did not like the 2.5 hour delay and plane de-boarding/change - this is something that should have been checked before 200 people were allowed to get on the plane and get situated. Also did not like the fact that I called ahead of time (5 weeks) to request a gluten free meal (which was on my flight to Dublin I will add) and it was not on my return flight to the USA. I was starving and was not able to eat that day because the cafes were closed in Dublin (Christmas eve), no food on plane, and because of a missed layover due to flight delay was scrambling to make the new connection and could not get food. Also, rescheduling for missed connection was a nightmare. Not enough personnel to assist in process and took over an hour just to get re-assignment information. Was sent to wrong gate and almost missed new connection. Then on top of that my luggage was lost and the american airlines operating staff sent me to the wrong terminal to make a claim and it ended up taking 1.5 hours longer than it should have just to submit my claim. This is on Christmas Eve mind you, after everything else that is happened that day on this nightmare of a flight. I realize American Airlines is just a partner airline, but you choose to partner with a company that provides sub-par service and an inability to resolve issues so I suggest finding a new partner if you want your customers to have better overall experiences."

Pros: "My fiancé and I were on our way back from Ireland (where we actually had just gotten engaged!!!) and the flight attendants made our return flight amazing!! They were so nice and congratulatory and even provided us complimentary champagne. I cannot rave enough about the excellent customer service we received!"

Pros: "The crew was friendly. They were efficient and easy to understand."

Cons: "Nothing wrong here."

Pros: "Liked the entertainment screen and choice of shows, movies and music. The extra back pillow was nice. And the prepackaged food was surprisingly good."

Cons: "not enough leg room, I have long legs."

Cons: "I wrote to Aer Lingus many times to change my son's flight (I couldn't book him on the proper flight due to an issue on the Aer Lingus web site). I had to wait on hold for hours, and even though they admitted the mistake was theirs would not change his flight to match ours (which we booked via KAYAK)."

Pros: "Everything was smooth, movie selection was good, food was good."

Cons: "Our flight attendant seemed a bit grouchy the whole flight, but all the other ones were warm and hospitable."

Pros: "My in flight entertainment screen did not work."

Cons: "on flight from London to Dublin my luggage got lost in Dublin terminal. The staff at the connecting flight counter went way out of their way to find it and escort me all the way through Irish customs to the on-site American customs and Immigration. Without their help I would have missed the flight from Dublin to Chicago."

Cons: "Read above"

Pros: "Pilots and crew were courteous and professional"

Cons: "Cabin temperature was too cool."

Pros: "The crew were nice and you could tell they were frustrated with the situations we were in as well. The food was pretty good, and entertainment was adequate for the transatlantic flights."

Cons: "We have a total of 4 flights with three legs of our travel. Aer Lingus failed to successfully complete any of them without substantial delays and cancellations. Every flight was botched, and three of them required us to sit on he plane on the runaway for substantial amounts of time. I'll be making a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and never flying with them again. They were abysmal, and the worst experience I've ever had flying."

Cons: "bags were not correctly tagged all the way through from Madrid to Cleveland by partner Iberia."

Pros: "The seats are comfortable and the movie choices were excellent, Both flights were on time."

Cons: "Waited at ORD for 45 minutes for flight check in desk to open. Process should be automated or at least the desk occupied for airports with long TSA lines. I did request decaf coffee and never saw the stewardess again. Precheck was a waste of time. Our group had to wait in line for our baggage tags because online system not coordinated with system in airport. The crew member I had in my aisle, on the return flight, was abrupt! Dinner tray delivery and pick up was slow, at least an hour after receiving the tray. Crew member offered me tea or coffee and assumed I did not want my sandwich when I responded no to those two choices. Crew seems to be distressed when water is requested."

Pros: "Service and drinks"

Cons: "Needs WiFi"

Pros: "The crew."

Cons: "The aircraft: too old! No charging ports, entertainment system horrible. The food was not super."

Pros: "Friendly crew!"

Cons: "We were delayed for an hour in London and then immigration and customs in Chicago were awful"

Cons: "Food"

Cons: "Flight were delayed abnd canceled"

Cons: "No food or refreshments served during the flight."

Cons: "Nothing, not even water, was offered free"

Pros: "Not being squeezed into a claustrophobic window seat."

Cons: "Nothing to report."

Pros: "Good good, seats comfortable, good entertainment options"

Cons: "Reclining seats meant cramped leg room"

Cons: "The flight was an hour late leaving Rome. They did not even offer a complimentary drink for the inconvenience. Because it was late leaving Rome we missed our connecting flight from London to Chicago. Disappointed in lack of customer service!!!!!"

Pros: "Crew was pleasant enough"

Cons: "British airways is always delayed, I never make my connection, I had to be rescheduled on the way there and on the way home"

Pros: "Food was very good, and plentiful! Wine served with meal! Friendly staff! Smooth flight!"

Cons: "Seats are a little narrow"

Cons: "They even charge for water, just like Easy Jet and the low price airlines. BA doesn’t accept US credit cards online, nor do they accept cash. The simple drink service takes forever. I feel sorry for the flight attendants who have to fill out paper credit card forms if you present an American credit card. It’s like we are back in the 1970s. Ridiculous. It’s a $45/bag charge to check your bag. That’s almost double the standard $25 for American carriers. May try to avoid BA in the future."

Pros: "Friendly crew."

Cons: "Flight delayed and missed connection. Ground crew in Rome assured there would be no further delays and connection would be made. Then plane was held on runway for 30 minutes after arriving 1.25 hour late. No complimentary drinks or snacks for a 3 hour flight. Landed 15min before connecting flight departed and was told by crew that a BA representative would be at gate to meet passengers who "missed" connection to LA, but no representative for the LA connection was present (only for other connections) though 20 passengers were on the same LA connection. Approximately 30 other passengers missed other connections. Was told that we would not make transfer to connection in same gate though we still had 10min before departure. At rebooking desk, was told "this happens all the time". Given meal vouchers to use at hotel by London Heathrow. Dinner voucher was valid only at hotel for a single dinner option (chicken, curry, salad, and water only - no juice nor soda, etc.)."

Pros: "Customer service in London extremely helpful"

Cons: "Left our bags in London"

Cons: "Left late. Was told we would still arrive on time. Sat waiting for a gate to open which took all most 45 minutes. We had 12 minutes to depart, go through security and RUN to another terminal and navigate a foreign AirPort and run onto a BA plane that we were told would not wait for the numerous passengers trying to reach the plane. And then sat for over 30 minutes on the plane while the "luggage" was being loaded. Then was told our luggage never made it to our plane. Given both flights were BA I was totally disappointed for this short-term anxiety that was unnecessary."

Pros: "Employees. The food was good too compared to the BA I took from Chicago to FCO."

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Timely"

Cons: "Nithing"

Pros: "Shorter flight--OK"

Cons: "We did not know it was Finnair until we got to the airport and could not find Brittish Airlines flight. This is on Kayak because none of your information indicated anything except a British Air flight. We asked several people and finally figured it out only they changed the gate at that point and we almost missed the flight after sitting in the airport for three hours"

Pros: "The crew were great"

Cons: "The meal served left much to be desired."

Pros: "Everything. Thank you and keep up the great work"

Cons: "My seat was broken."

Cons: "The seats were way too close. I even paid for an upgrade. My legs were get cramped and the width of the seats were awful!"

Cons: "I paid money when I requested seat assignment online. I’m not sure what I paid for as our seats were standard."

Pros: "Excellent service all around. Would definitely fly Iberia again"

Cons: "Flight connection in Chicago for flight to Austin was missed. Had to stay the night in Chicago instead of getting home to Austin that day."

Pros: "Flight on time, flight attendants were great."

Cons: "They didn't have complimentary water on a 3-hour flight from Rome to London so I bought a small water for £1.80. Compared to KLM, which served organic and free range food, even on a much shorter flight, British Airways doesn't hold up."

Cons: "During the checkin from Rome to SFO for some reason I did not received assigned seats to the flight # 285 from Heathrow to SFO. When I came to customer service - customer support said that they sold more tickets than airplane has. I was VERY disappointed. A a result they put me to the next flight 287 that was scheduled 3 hours later. They gave me money compensation. I would recommend British Airways not to work like that. From my side I will never use this airline company any more. Thanks."

Pros: "Leaving in a timely manner."

Cons: "Poor leg room."

Pros: "Crew was nice and food was decent. Flight left a little late but made up time in the air so arrived timely."

Cons: "Boarding was chaotic - after having first class and preferred passengers board, it was a free for all for all other passengers, which doesn't make a lot of sense and caused a long line. Due to a malfunctioning piece of equipment, the plane was about 90 degrees during boarding and while waiting for takeoff, which was pretty miserable. Temperature was fine after takeoff. The plane itself was very old, seats were cramped, and the screens for movies/tv (and selections themselves) were very poor, which is disappointing for an 8 hour flight. There were no power hookups either, which my Aer Lingus flight a few days beforehand offered. Finally, the passenger in front of me put his seat back while the plane was boarding, making it a struggle to get into my seat while boarding and to get out of it to let others in my aisle out from time to time for the restroom. Can't really blame the last one on the airline, but it added to the misery."

Pros: "Individual tv stations, great customer service."

Cons: "Not a big snack before we landed."

Cons: "1. Allowed us to book connection but time is limited. You need 5 hours layover to get to gates in London, every gates seem to be requiring to ride a bus. 2. We missed our connection and booked us to the next flight, waited 5 hours. 3. We were assigned to row 54, headache the whole trip, almost throw up at the end. 4. my daughter almost didn't eat because apparently only have chicken curry. My daughter is vegetarian."

Pros: "We had a ton of extra leg room"

Cons: "The only flight we have ever been on of two hours or more where there was no complimentary snack or beverage service---not even coffee or water!"

Pros: "The staff were prompt is serving food and drinks, good selection of movies on board."

Cons: "Other passengers weren't the best, and unfortunately there were many small children on the plane, which meant it was very noisy."

Cons: "Flight was late and I missed my connection."

Pros: "Arrived early and smooth flight !!!!"

Cons: "Service was good a quick flight ."

Pros: "Crew handled the emergency well."

Cons: "We had a mechanical problem and flight had to return to London. My compliant is the maintenance was not done properly which could have been a much bigger problem."

Pros: "Especially when compared to other carriers, British Air has the most accommodating employees and the most commodious economy class seating. They have become, by far, our airline of choice."

Pros: "Our original flight was delayed an hour, then 4 hours, then eventually cancelled. The last gate crew gave us no updates other than saying it was being delayed to a maintenance check. We eventually had to rebook our direct flight from ORD to CDG to then ORD to LHR and then to CDG. Because of this delay we missed most of our first day in Paris. The flight crew from LHR to CDG was very polite and friendly! I will be doing business with British Airways again in the near future. I will not be doing business with American Airlines anytime soon. Neither will my friends and family once they find out about my horrible experience with their lackluster customer service."

Cons: "Everything that involved American Airlines and my 7 hour flight delay."

Cons: "The seats in standard economy were the worst/most uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in on an international flight."

Pros: "Friendly and professional staff."

Pros: "Everything was just ok"

Cons: "A little old fashioned."

Pros: "I don't usually complain but nothing"

Cons: "It wasn't British airways, it was American.I paid extra to sit with my husband. The whole side of our aircraft the televisions repeatedly showed two Disney channel sitcoms over and over again for ten hours. I really wanted to watch a movie so there was an open seat on the last row of the plane. Terrible"

Pros: "Nice entertainment setup and good crew."

Cons: "No entertainment but it was a shorter flight. Delayed flight."

Cons: "Is way below par when compared to emirates or any other international airlines"

Pros: "helpful and pleasant counter agent, crew"

Cons: "leg room"


What month is the cheapest to fly Chicago? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Chicago. Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be May, June and July. The cheapest month to fly from the United States is January.

Where is the cheapest city to fly in from Rome? ›

Cheapest flights to United States from Rome
  • Rome to Washington from $206.
  • Rome to Boston from $219.
  • Rome to New York from $223.
  • Rome to Cleveland from $239.
  • Rome to Chicago from $260.
  • Rome to Miami from $269.
  • Rome to Atlanta from $281.
  • Rome to San Antonio from $285.

What airline flies the most out of O Hare? ›

O'Hare has 193 gates, with most dedicated to two major hub carriers − American Airlines (71 gates) and United Airlines (84 gates), according to the airport's website.

What day of the week are flight tickets cheapest? ›

Typically, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday is the cheapest day to fly. If you can structure your travel schedule around these days, these will likely be the best days to fly – both for a lower cost and a less-hectic airport experience.

What day is usually the cheapest to fly? ›

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly domestically. The cheapest days to depart if you're flying within the U.S. are midweek — generally Tuesday or Wednesday.

What is the cheapest US city to fly to Rome? ›

Sample flights
  • Boston (BOS) - $551.
  • Charlotte (CLT) - $490.
  • Chicago (ORD) - $458.
  • Dallas (DFW) - $551.
  • Miami (MIA) - $465.
  • New York (JFK) - $464.
  • Newark (EWR) - $464.
  • Philadelphia (PHL) - $501.
Jan 15, 2022

What is the cheapest city to fly into Italy from the USA? ›

Milan. Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) is one of the cheapest airports to fly to in Italy. It's an amazing home base for those looking to explore the fashion-forward city of Milan and the surrounding region of Lombardy.

What is the least expensive city to fly into in Italy? ›

Bologna is located in Emilia-Romagna, and the most affordable city to fly into. This is the perfect city to visit if you're on a budget, want to have a taste of what Italy's like, and don't have a specific activity in mind.

Which O'Hare Economy Lot is best? ›

If you plan on parking your car at O'Hare International Airport for an extended period of time, then the Economy Lots are the best option. The daily rates range between $15 and $22 per day with Lot G providing the most economical on-airport parking with a rate of $15 per day.

What is the busiest time in the day for O'Hare airport? ›

Busiest days to travel: Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Fly early, but not too early. The busiest times are 6-8 am, and 3-5 pm. The worst time for delayed flights: 7-9 pm, due to ripples from the 3-5 pm rush.

Which US airline has the most daily flights? ›

By frequency
AirlineDaily departures
Delta Air Lines6,700
American Airlines5,400
United Airlines5,000
Southwest Airlines4,000
13 more rows

Do I need a Covid test to fly from US to Rome? ›

Have a negative COVID test prior to their departure (a molecular test within 72 hours prior to arriving in Italy or an antigen test within 48 hours prior to arriving in Italy)

What is the cheapest day to fly from US to Europe? ›

Pick Your Days

Trying to save money by traveling on a certain day of the week can be hit-or-miss with flights to Europe. It's often cheaper to fly mid-week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in particular, but sometimes you can get the same mid-week fare on a Saturday.

Is Rome expensive to travel? ›

But, while traveling to Rome offers up its charms, it's also one of the most expensive cities in Europe and many travelers have a hard time visiting the city on a budget. And, while it's not easy to save money here, it's not impossible!

What month is the cheapest to fly? ›

Jan. Most of the month. Once the Christmas through New Year's travel rush subsides, and school starts for many around Jan 7th.

Do flight prices always drop Tuesday? ›

Tuesday Around Midnight is the Cheapest Time to Book

We found that travelers who search for flights on Tuesday at midnight save about 6% on their flights, making this the cheapest time of the week to book.

Is it true that airline tickets are cheaper on Tuesday? ›

THE ANSWER: False. The Airlines Reporting Corporation partners with Expedia every year to analyze the purchase data of thousands of travel agencies and hundreds of airlines. The report found flights booked on Sunday often were the cheapest, with the average savings varying from 5 to 10%.

What months flight tickets are cheapest? ›

Jan. Most of the month. Once the Christmas through New Year's travel rush subsides, and school starts for many around Jan 7th.

What time of year is best to fly to Chicago? ›

The best times to visit Chicago are April through May and between September and October, when the temperatures are warm, a variety of festivals take place and crowds are manageable.

What month of the year are flights cheapest? ›

"January and February are the cheapest months because you have so many families, students, teachers who can't travel, and you have a lot of folks that don't think about traveling cause they just went over the winter holiday," Keyes said. He also said there is a travel hangover from flying places.

Which is the best month to visit Chicago? ›

Best Season to Visit Chicago Weather-wise

Most people enjoy the summer months the most, specifically late June through September. But, there are two small periods of time in the year that are equally enjoyable, in late May and early October, when crowds are small and the temperature is comfortable.


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