SeatGuru Seat Map SWISS (2023)

Submitted by Cyrus M on 2020/03/26 for Seat 10K

I was flying from SFO to AMS Via ZRH. The seat was so uncomfortable and the lack of space caused my phone charger to break. They had great food and great service but I would only fly with them for the food and the minibar uprront!

Submitted by Levi H on 2020/01/14 for Seat 9G

Never again. Way to expensive for what essentially is a shared seat, zero privacy, and bad service. Their business class is pretty awful compared to other comparable airlines. I have had my elbow smashed twice already and we have not even taken off! Such a small and uncomfortable experience!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2020/01/14 for Seat 9d

Every other D seat is configured with two side pods. Avoid these seats at all costs. The two side pods plus the narrow footwell combine to make the seat in sleep mode feel like a coffin. Very clausterphobic. Worst biz class configuration ive flownto Europe. I will avoid in the future

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2020/01/03 for Seat D43

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Avoid 777 in 3-4-3 config if possible!Swiss crams in 10 people per row (3-4-3). The seats are extremely narrow. Furthermore legroom is very limited.A very poor and expensive experience. :-(

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/11/21 for Seat All economy

The plane was designed originally for 9 seats / row, SWISS are using 10, the seats are narrower, have less legroom and the aisle is also narrower too. The result of which if you have an aisle seat is that you are pushed out by the persons shoulders on one side so that your shoulders overhang into the aisle and you are forever being hit by the trolley and people moving about the aircraft. At 183cm I have zero space between my knees and the seat in front and when the person in front goes into the lounge position it hurts. On these flights to Brazil which I, a 71 year old, do regularly, the 10.5 hours is a pure torture and if I could find another way I would, The only thing redeeming this flight to/from Brazil is the flight window which is convenient, you fly at nighttime. It used to be more comfortable in the older 340 planes although the entertainment systems were forever failing.Economy passengers are now treated like cattle.On internal flights in Brazil, I have much more space both in the width and legroom. Also SWISS don't bother about your preferred seating associated with your account, they give you what they decide. You can override this at a price. Finally, on the return flight from Brazil GRU (Saò Paulo) there is no way to check-in beforehand which means you just get given a lousy seat. The old SWISSAIR was a great airline, but if I could choose, I would fly another option rather than today's SWISS.

Submitted by Beat K on 2019/10/14 for Seat 25H

I only can recommend you to boycott Airlines, that use a B777 in this Economy class configuration with 10 seats in a row. This is absolutely horrible. SWISS do not treat Economy passengers like customers, they handle you like a cow in a truck. Never, ever again I flight with this Airline.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/08/25 for Seat 22F

SFO-ZRH, booked with UA miles with seat selected at check-in free of charge 12hrs before departure--LX charges around 115USD for it. Very worth it when spending 12hrs on board and to be at the front of Economy, e.g. to receive meal service first, and to be quick off the plane upon arrival. Huge fan of LX 77W and this seat is only one reason why.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/08/14 for Seat 49H

Row 49 HJK arm rests do not flip up!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/07/24 for Seat 8K

Indeed a good plane, but the single seat 8K for which I had paid 199 CHF extra was very small in front, where my feet had to squeeze in between the double seats in front of me. It was not possibel to sleep comfortably like I had expected from paying for a flat bed.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/06/10 for Seat 10K

Although you would think it would be nice and more spacious (as well as not having to bother your aisle seatmate), the single seats in business are horribly claustrophobic. Foot space is very small but the worst part is when you recline to flat bed the seat starts lowering and lowering and you are sucked into this space that seems like a tomb. So weird as every other flat bed I've ever flown on the seat simply moves forward and the back reclines. Not this plane! I paid a bit more for this seat thinking it would feel more spacious and I will never reserve this single seat again. I was so uncomfortable and it was so hot, and yes...I'm a bit claustrophobic so it was not nice. It would have been fine if it didn't lower so much as the seat itself is comfortable.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/05/19 for Seat 24A

this seat, and pretty well every seat in coach is extremely cramped - despite the airline stating that the seat in front has no recline, the seat in front reclines so far that you are literally sitting with someone's head in your lap and you cannot get out of your seat or reach anything you have on the floor. I do not recommend any of the economy seats on this flight unless you have the seats with extra legroom. Swiss really crams people in and has no thought for customer comfort at all.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/04/10 for Seat 33G

Seat 33G is a bad seat. The metal rod of the row that is attached to the floor of the plane is placed so badly at Seat 33F that the person at 33F might have his or her right leg within your space. Feeling the leg of a stranger pressing against yours is awful when you want to sleep at this 12hr flight.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/03/17 for Seat 47k

Torture. It was literally horrible. It started out OK, the ticketing agent was amazing, said there was a decent chance of nobody in the middle seat. Yea right. They squeezed everyone on the plane and the person sitting next to me was very kind but a Swiss air non-revenue flyer. Very nice person, but had huge biceps. Literally thought I would prefer to fly in the lavatory seat rather than this. I have another Swiss flight coming up that I am strongly considering cancelling. I think I just would rather not fly rather than get squeezed into the 777 cabin in economy.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/03/02 for Seat 39a

This is the worsest plane from swiss. There is no space to sit normal always contact with ur neighbours, I miss the old 340 on this route, you can better choose lufthansa on this route with airbus much more comfort

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/01/29 for Seat 23A

Boeing 777 economy: Worst cabin ever!Whichever seat you are on, in this case 23A without window but with extra leg room, you will always be squished between passengers. Seat is narrower than those of any metro around the world. I have flown this airplane on 3 occasions as no other option was available, I constantly touched my neighbors with my shoulders on all 3 flights, and I am a skinny 188cm man. Only book flights on this airplane if longhaul relative comfort is not an issue for you.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/01/22 for Seat 49H

Armrests at seats number 49H, 49K, 49J are locked and can not be folded back! That was a nightmare to get off the seat and try to squeeze between seat in front of us and armrest! No one of flight attendants could help and unlock the armrest! That was really bad service and most frustrating flight in my experience!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/01/08 for Seat 4J

In the small forward Business cabin behind First. Quiet and comfortable, with easy access to the washrooms. Far superior to the huge and crowded main cabin. Wonderful crew. Excellent food and drinks.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/01/04 for Seat 23D

Traveld to SFO from Zurich and return.On the first leg Reserved seat 22A At an extra cost of€100.of course you pay for the leg room. But this aircrft is so narrow and the seats were as if they are children's seat so narrow for even for a small person like me it was hell. the corridors are so narrow you have to almost walkside facing if you do not want to hit the passengers seated.I spent Christmas inSFO with a back problem.On ReturnToo late to reserve the bulk head so took the 23 D at €50 extra;.The two guys in front were so inconsiderate, , regardless of the extra leg room they had in front they reclined their seats to a maximum .It was suffocating.In fact I pâid a premium price of €1109 for this whole travel to SFO and back at so much inconvenience.The worst experience in my 32 years of traval.I will never never travel with SWISS Air.

Submitted by Eric S on 2019/01/02 for Seat 39A 39K

This is actually quite a bad seat! There is no extra legrrom because the door has a protruding bulge (emergency slide?) which is right in front of your legs. The only way to stretch one's legs is to go towards the legspace of the middle seat. Applies to 39A/39K, but not to 23A/23K, because on row 23 the door doesn't have the protruding bulge.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2019/01/01 for Seat 27H

Seats are very narrow, I fly internationally a lot and this is by far the worst plane, very narrow and cramped. The hallways are also narrower than usual and the crew didn't really bother to pay attention not to bump into you. NEVER again will I fly Swissair on this plane. The interior also looks very cheap, if I didn't know I was flying SwissAir I would have thought I was in an AirIndia or a lower quality airline. Absolutely horrible.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/12/20 for Seat 39H

Never again long haul on this cramped 77W. A very sub par product.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/12/13 for Seat 50d

This was a horrible experience. The plane was so narrow, it was impossible to get up and walk. I ended up with a vein thrombosis, something I've never had in my life and I fly long distances frequently. The seats were cramped as well and I'm a person of normal weight. 50D was probably the best seat choice since the aisle is a little wider there. Add to this, very poor quality food. I won't be flying Swiss again.

Submitted by Beat K on 2018/11/15 for Seat 29C

Never ever flight with a B777 in this configuration (3/4/3). Absolutely narrow and horrible. From BKK to Zürich, 12 hours, a trip to hell. Look for A380 or B777 with 3/3/3 seat configuration for example THAI. SWISS in not a premium Airline, Sorry. They treat Eco passengers like cows. And they don't offer a Premium Economy like other Airlines. The only possibility is to buy a ticket for the very averaged and overpriced business class, it's around 8-10 times more expensive than an Eco ticket. SWISS never again!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/11/01 for Seat 23G

Unless you can afford business class or up, get ready for a horrible experience. This was an 10.5 hour flight from Zurich to LAX. The isle seat (which I paid extra for in the preferred section) is very narrow, my neighbor had his elbow in my side the entire time. And when the person in front of you pushes back his seat, there is hardly any room to breath, let alone to read or use your computer. I don't think I will fly with SWISS anymore on this Boeing 777 - it was a terrible experience. Other passengers were also complaining.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/10/28 for Seat Never again in

B777 of Swiss is very very bad, the seats are too small, too close and the density of the cabin is horrible with this configuration of 3 4 3. For a long flight ZRH LAX it is horrible !I was used to fly always with swiss for a few year, usually in A330 or A340, and i was always satisfy untill I test this brand new 777. I regret my choice, it is not the same anymore, more seat, less confort, swiss is not the same as before...Swiss, in 330 or 340, ok for sure ! but never again in B777

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/10/21 for Seat 51J

Try to book row 51, seat A, B, J, or K!! the seats recline fully and the lavatory entrance is in the galley. This is the best experience I've had on a transatlantic flight -- the rest of the economy cabin is extremely tight so do yourself a favor and book one of these seats!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/09/30 for Seat 39H

Terrible, absolutely terrible. Although this seat has enough legroom (and I paid dearly for it!) the legroom was taken up during the entire flight by the waiting line for the toilets (just 6 toilets for almost 300 coach passengers!). And the seat (like the others) is so narrow that you are in a fight for shoulder space with your neighbor on the right while constantly being hit on the left by passengers or crew trying to find a way along the ultra-narrow aisle.I think that direct long-haul flights on Swiss are overrated and in the future will prefer a stopover just to avoid these absolutely awful Swiss 777s!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/09/25 for Seat 50D

My husband (1.85m tall) an I flew from ZHR to Chicago on 50D and 50E. I was worried about all the bad comments about the seats. I was surprised that the legroom was spacious enough. It is true that the seats are narrow but it was ok. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They served drinks regularly and we even had Mövenpick icecream, which I never had before on a flight. All together I must say that the flight was much better than expected!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/09/16 for Seat 30C

Economy seats are so narrow that an average European person will be extremely uncomfortable on long flights. The aisle seat have slight narrower legroom due to the placement of the seat anchor struts. I could not find a comfortable sleep position and my behind was sore after the flight. The aisle is so narrow that one is constantly brushed by other passenger going to the toilet or the FA during meal service and this makes it even more difficult to sleep. Going to avoid this in the future.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/08/29 for Seat Good

I agree with other reviewers of this particular row that this was one of the better seats in the economy cabin. Not only do you only have one only one person to climb over to go to the lavatory, you also get a substantial empty space between your seat and the wall. This space was large enough to store a carry-on bag, as well as my shoes freeing up the space under the seat in front of me for stretching out my legs. It also negates the lack of shoulder room caused by the narrow 3-4-3 configuration. Finally, even though there is a bulkhead behind you, it does not seem to impede recline as the recline was actually very good and I did not have to worry about taking someone else's space doing so. As others said, the door to the lavatory is on the opposite side of the bulkhead so there wasn't much bothersome traffic either. All-in-all, I was very happy with my cozy little corner of the cabin, although I'm sure sitting in any of the middle seats anywhere else would be miserable. I'd definitely choose this seat again if faced with a similar configuration. As for the seats in general, although I abhor the 3-4-3 layout, I have to give Swiss credit for being generous with the legroom and seat padding.

Submitted by Gabriel R on 2018/07/24 for Seat 11J

Not a good seat as the passenger sitting on the window seat (11K) has to climb over you to reach the corridor. Also, no window.

Submitted by Matteo B on 2018/07/11 for Seat 47A

BAD. REALLY BAD!This is the WORSE configuration (3-4-3) on a 777: seats are small, legroom is minimal, comfort is the worse ever experienced. It is sad cause I flew with Swiss A340 and was very nice in the past.But if you have to do a long-haul flight, avoid Swiss as much as you can.The plane is nice cause it is new, but this does not really count when you feel squeezed in a packed plane with less than average services.Never again.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/07/08 for Seat 8b

Hated my seat. If you look closely, you will see that the center seats and single side seats all have 1 or 2 tables per seat. Side double seats have one table to share. Very, very cramped. They should charge less for the side doubles... they are super crowded, one has to crawl over the other, no privacy screen between, and no room on shared table. Terrible.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/07/07 for Seat 49E

I had this seat for the 12 hour flight from Hong Kong to Zurich. The seat is narrow and located where the seat configuration changes from 2-4-2 to 3-4-3 and the aisle narrows. I was hit on the shoulder by flight attendants as they walked past and was hit by what seemed to be every other catering trolley coming from the rear galley. Most uncomfortable! I suspect that 49G would have similar problems.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/06/27 for Seat 24A

Terrible seat. Never will ride Swiss again in economy, and likeley never again in any class. Could not open computer to use when 23A had seat back. Knees rubbed against seat back. Leg room too small. When 23A seat was back distance of my face to back of the seat screen was 11 inches.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/06/22 for Seat 30G

Made the mistake of reserving an aisle seat at a cost of $40: a waste of money, since all seats are equally bad. Seats are too narrow, as are the aisles. While there is pretty good leg room, knees rub against the seatback in front, and shoulders rub against the passenger to the right or left. Service was mediocre, and food was downright awful, much worse than on Lufthansa. 10-across seating on the 777 transform the aircraft into a bottom-basement ultra high-density holiday flight, not in keeping with the "mainstream" reputation of the former Swissair. One redeeming feature is that the Zurich Airport is smaller and more user-friendly than Munich and especially Frankfurt, and easier to make connections. The entertainment screens are large and well-designed, and the 3D navigation tracking system helps keep your mind off of the negatives of the seats.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/06/01 for Seat 51K

Seats 50AB,JK & 51AB,JK are possibly the better economy seats on this plane for the 12h40m flight SIN to ZRH.Although the seats appear old and not comfortable.The flight was full and cramped with the 3-4-3 configuration in economy class.Use another airline such as Lufthansa for better seats.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/05/29 for Seat 4D

4D was exceptionally comfortable and quiet. It is located at the bulkhead between business class and first class. This is only a wall, there are no lavatories, crew storage, or kitchen areas. There are compartments to store items so you don't have to put everything overhead during taxi, takeoff, and landing. There was almost no foot traffic throughout the flight. My wife and I traveled together. She was in 4G. Sitting in the middle seats worked very nicely for a couple. One of my favorite business class seats. The food was adequate, but leaves a lot to be desired when compared to other European carriers.

Submitted by Adam C on 2018/05/25 for Seat 46C

No power at seat. Will avoid economy travel on this airline on the future.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/05/24 for Seat 8B

My wife and I sat in 8 A/B from ZUR-LAX in May and absolutely loved it. The lie flat option is wonderful on a 10+ plus hour flight and it has a recline feature that's just as good. You have to use the headphones provided by the airline as the entertainment system only accepts 2 prong jacks. Even the Bose adapter didn't fit, go figure?!? Lots of movie and TV show options, and the music was decent. I loved the air map feature and it's different choices. The window seat occupant is basically trapped if the aisle seat person is reclined or lies flat. The crew were excellent, very attentive, friendly, and helpful in every way. On this aircraft there are two lavatories on one side, choose that side it makes a difference. Pillow and blanket were very good. All in all time flew by. Not the best business class but it's very good and the crew make it great.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/05/22 for Seat 50J

This is a bad seat for real. Less leg room, because the these seats are not aligned with the ones in front of them (50J has less leg room than 50K). When the person in front reclines, you'll have the monitor in your face. More room for hand luggage though.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/05/22 for Seat 51 A

These seats (51 A-B) do recline, and there is noone behind that you have to consider. Some extra space on the side as well, as there are only 2 seats here. Better than row 50, which is misaligned and has less leg room. Good seats!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/04/24 for Seat 36

Seat on row 36 cannot recline. This is true for all the seats with a wall behind them.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/03/12 for Seat 26c

Less width and more expensive ! Swiss packs 10 seats in the width while other companies only have 9 for the same economy class (but cheaper) Not only are you cramped in your seat but the passage is so narrow that you always bump into somebody's leg, shoulder or elbow when you walk. Only positive is leg room below the seat, although distance to screen becomes minimal if the passenger in front reclines fully.

Submitted by Roy D on 2018/03/06 for Seat 14K

SIN - ZUR 14K didn't find the misalignment of the window too much of an issue being a night flight but even a day time flight you just need to lean forward slightly.Food and cabin crew were spot on,1 young man came and spoke to my wife and I for quite some time,purser came through the cabin with 2 boxes of chocolates handing them out and my wife jokingly said if you have 1 spare she'd have 1,a few minutes later he brought her a large box of chocolates,big thankQ.

Submitted by Roy D on 2018/02/08 for Seat 10A

First impression the is good but doesn't seem as wide as you think once seated, the decor is very 'business' like as in an office appearance, plenty of adjustment with a massage mode,tv is angled downwards possibly for watching when laid down.TV had no sound at first and then a male staff member sorted it, apparently there's a switch underneath that the cleaners catch when doing there job.Rest of the staff were spot on and the grub was good, especially the beef main course.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/01/06 for Seat E

There was definitely more leg room for this bulkhead seat but the width was confining and uncomfortable when seated between two broad men. Felt like I gave up a full 1/4 of my seat.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/01/06 for Seat 33H

On december 20 2017 we flew from Miami to Zurich. Economy section totally full. I was seated in the middle seat as I exchanged my corridor seat with another passenger to stay seated near my husband. This was the most awful trip I had ever taken in my life, thanks to Swiss squeezing 10 seats when there used to be 8. I had cramps in my legs, the passenger in front of me reclined his seat from the beginning to the end. Trying to get out of my seat was a very difficult task, as well as eating as there was no space at all. Moreover, the entertainmbet screen did not work. Flight attentands waited three hours before comimg to see what was wrong and they were not able to fix it. It is disgrasful for Swiss to have done this. Never again I will fly with you SwissAir! For people reading: spend a couple hundreds more dollars and fly Lufthans Premium Economy, a wonderful experience. And Lufthansa flight attendants so much nicer and responding to passengers's calls.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2018/01/03 for Seat 9A

I agree with the other reviews— Swiss’s biz class cabin looks amazing but when you actually settle into the seat, it oddly claustrophobic, even in the stand-alone “throne” seats. I couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position (I’m 5’9’’ / 178 cm and slim), and my feet kept hitting the very narrow cubby. The seat seems to be made from air cushions, which in my case were either very hard or a too soft, like a gel seat. The flight attendants were friendly, the food below average, the wines excellent on my flight from LAX-Zurich.

Submitted by Pascal T on 2017/12/15

Seats 7D and even more 7G are bad seats compared to what the 777 cabin has to offer.The room for feed is dramatically smaller and 7G has moreover les rest for the arms.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/11/22 for Seat 29J

B777,this 3/4/3 configuration is extremely unpleasant. Very narrow. A cheap charter feeling. Not adapted for a premium Airline. I will avoid in the future this plane.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/11/18 for Seat 50B

Yes, the seats in 50 are misaligned compared to 49. The real pain for 50B is that while it has two monitor screens even (behind 49B and 49C) both screens are so shifted to the side that either your neighbour on 50A gets to watch what you're watching or the rearward audience can share your viewing preference. I disagree however with the bad comments around legroom. I flew in and out on 50B and 50A (10h plus in either) and found more space to tuck my feet under. You just have the seat struts in front in the middle. 50A is certainly the better of the two. This comment is also valid for 50J.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/11/13 for Seat 7A

4A, 7A, 9A and so on. Be aware that Swiss charges extra for the single window seats. Just tried to reserve a seat from Chicago to Zurich and Swiss wanted $149 extra for any of the single window seats. They should be marked 'premium' and that in Business class!!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/10/31 for Seat 51A

Seat reclines than any other seat, which is great. It also has a little space next to the seat to store covers and stuff like that. But for that reason, there is a gap between Window and seat.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/10/17 for Seat 31B

If you want to have a decent flight experience, I strongly advise against flying Swiss 777. The seats are uncomfortable. I'm an average sized guy, but my shoulders touched my neighbours shoulders. This is the worst economy class I've experienced so far...

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/09/25 for Seat 29G

29G was comfortable because it was an aisle seat. I sat on this flight from Zurich to Chicago & was fairly comfortable. However, I am only 5'2". Anyone tall or heavy would be less comfortable. Warning if your tray table is open and you have a full glass on it. If the person in front of you reclines their seat, chances are they will knock over your drink.

Submitted by Michael S on 2017/09/21 for Seat 1K

I was on night flight to BKK. There is nothing to complain.Even if you make fool use of yourhand luggage you can't fill allthe compartment around the seat.Only problem came with my stupidity.I dropped my MP3-player so it fall inthe mechanics of the seat.In BKK they called a mechanic to getit out.The seat is actually so confortablethat I think the flight to BKK is toshort so you could sleep longer.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/09/18

51AB/JK are great seats. Plenty of room (even behind window seat), good recline with nobody complaining, 2 full windows to look outside. I would never choose any other seat in LX 777 Economy! No idea why still marked as bad seats. They should actually be green. No problem with people going to the washroom at all.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/09/10 for Seat 34H

It's not that bad. Even reclined somewhat, I didn't intrude on the passenger behind me. It does require you to get out of your seat, so the middle and window seat passengers can get out. Again - not too bad, since you want to get up and stretch your legs. Seat pitch is good and the seat width is acceptable. I had a taller guy sit in the middle seat with no problem. The lavatory line does extend up to my row.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/09/09 for Seat 8B

I would choose Swiss again over the current British and Lufthansa business.The seat was very comfortable for sitting and has a large footwell for sleeping. There is not good sleep leg support (I put the blanket under my knees) and sleep elbow space is limited.The temperature is warm (I was OK in shorts) -- Zurich airport was uncomfortably hot.Entertainment has a responsive touch screen but limited programming. There was no flight camera.The window seats are OK for couples: there is a divider that requires leaning forward for talking -- I had a better view of the person across the aisle.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/09/08 for Seat 50J

Seat 50J doesn'v have in-arm tables but a normal table that slides to the side. Thus, the comment that the armrest is immovable and reducing with is not accurate, it's actually very OK. Same applies I guess for 50A, B and K accordingly

Submitted by Thomas F on 2017/08/20 for Seat 51AB

The two seats in the very back are regular, decent economy class seats. They don't recline further than other seats but also not less. The restroom behind is not really a problem because they are accessible from the emergency exit galley only so people don't actually stand in front of the two seats. There is a little more leg room due to the concaved shape of the plane. You also have a little more room on each side of the seats for the same reason. I'd fly there again if I can't get business class.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/08/17 for Seat 39K

extraleg space...not really due to emergency door toboggan...don t pay extar for thissaet....horrible

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/08/17 for Seat 34K

I travelled with 5 from Zurich to BKK. I expected a terrible flight, also based on some of the reviews here. In all honesty I had a decent flight. Yes, the seating is cramped, but what can you expect from an airline that still needs to make money. If you want room, book business class and don't complain. Because Swiss makes up for seating with fabulous entertainment system, efficient crew, lots of (good) food and a bar where you can grab refreshments throughout the flight. For my children they went the extra mile with candy and some surprises. Recommended & job well done Swiss

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/07/15 for Seat 17a

Seating is a joke ....stupid arrangments , in economy the poor people have 3/4/3 configuration ...NEVER !!! Swiss wants to be modern with a plane that otehrs have in service over 10 years . The layout , modern design is horrible , and swiss is more expensive wonder they lose more nad more passenger . Emirate , Ehtihad , Sing , Cathay are much better

Submitted by Julie M on 2017/07/14 for Seat 7 A

7A is fantastic! Given the notorious reputation for a lousy economy class, I bit the bullet and paid for an upgrade to business class. As other reviewers have noted, the business class on this aircraft is a mixed bag. Some I definitely would not have wanted (2 per window!). But...7A was a dream. I had the same space in one seat as the people behind me had crammed into two seats. Huge! This is the bulkhead seat with tons of leg room and a cabinet on each side. The bathroom use was not an issue at all because you have a cabinet seperating you from the aisle. I would steer clear of the aisle seats that only have a small arm rest, or that share a table. 7A however was pure luxury and privacy. If you can get this seat, grab it!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/07/13 for Seat 26G

I will never again fly Swiss 777-300 ER. It was one of the worst experiences with Swiss ever. The 3-4-3 seating leaves no space in corridors, the legroom is so poor (i'm 1.82m) and the seat in front of you is so close, that you barely can't eat or drink

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/07/10 for Seat 39A

A and K jammed against sidewall of airplane so little shoulder room. Position of light controls on inside of armrest leads to larger people accidentally turning on/off reading light. Seat very hard. Curtains in front of seats C and K block light from lavatory but are frequently brushed over passenger's legs as crew/passengers pass through.As with all airlines who have squeezed 10 seats/row, just avoid if possible.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/06/19 for Seat 10A and10B

I flew with my wife next to me, assuming we could see each other, talk to each other. No way. The new seat configuration in BUS has a large partition between the seats, so can't even ser each other! Might as well book two separate single seats which have much more stirage space.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/06/15 for Seat 35G

The configuration of this aircraft is the worst I have seen, Seats are too small and no legroom whatso ever. The corridors are so narrow that the cart has difficulty to pass without seating passengers leaning away . I will take any day Airbus . I will never fly again swiss on a long haul Beoing 777 ER .

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/06/09 for Seat 51B

Applies to 51 AB and 51 JKThe seat recline is MORE than a normal seat and quite comfortable. The bathrooms in the back of the plane and not used much and somewhat hidden. Had very little bathroom traffic to endure.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/06/09 for Seat 50B

50B and 50J have less knee room because the angle of the 2 seats is askew from the row ahead. The room for feet is actually better because there is a 2 seat space for your feet.

Submitted by Alexander Z on 2017/05/24 for Seat 7A

On of the best seats on the airplane.On my way out I flew in 15k which already was a great seat.But you have even more legroom. The toilet is not disturbing at all since you have not just an armrest to the aile.Best business experience so far.

Submitted by Alexander Z on 2017/05/24 for Seat 15k

New seats are a great improvement over the ones in the A330/340.Finally I had enough space for my feet.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/05/10 for Seat 12K

Flight YUL => ZRH, about 7,5 hours. I don't understand why people write that 12K is a bad seat. It's very good, otherwise than written it has a window and most of all it's a business class seat where you are on your own. So you have plenty of space to place your items, laying down flat is comfortable, you can sleep well, also laying in different positions for watching films on the big screen is comfortable. Staff was very friendly. Only complaint: If you rest your arms on the side be careful to not move the seats with the buttons. In bref: I liked this business class seat and the service of Swiss very much. I'm 5"11 tall and had no problems.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/05/07 for Seat 9D

The entire business section seems claustrophobic and out dated. Big boxy seats and dividers hem you in from all sides. To get into flat seat mode, you sink down so low that it feels as though you are in a motorcycle sidecar with a blanket over your head. I am 5'10", 170 and flat arrangement was very uncomfortable. Food was not worth eating. Service was excellent and courteous. Find some other business class on a different jet.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/05/06 for Seat 10K

Pros: lots of stowage available and nice big screen, also no need to climb over someone else to get out of the seat.Cons: in bed configuration, the seat felt very narrow.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/05/02 for Seat 26E

Very uncomfortable for a 12 hr flight. I am 5'10 and had my knees against the seat in front. Difficult to get comfy to sleep. Entertainment ok, good touchscreen system, only spoiled by random reminders that we were going into night configuration and shouldn't use phones?? annoying in the middle of the night when every screen lights up. Evening meal good, breakfast poor.Would be nice if Swiss treated their economy customers with some respect, maybe their executives should try a 12 hour economy seat once in a while.I habe little choice in the flights that are booked for me, if you have a choice there are better options.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/28

I am flying with my dog, and they gave me seat 36K, it is an assigned "dog in cabin" seat. This means I will have to stow my dog in his carrier under the seat in front of me. So if you have seat 35K, there may be a small dog under your seat. Could be a concern for people with severe allergies. Boy did I learn a lot about travelling with a dog thes last few days!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/28 for Seat 8A

My wife and I were in 8 A/B and we cannot understand why Swiss decided to use these seats on their new 777ER. The seats are an example of poor industrial design. Between the seats there is a box containing the tray tables ( and making the space feel very claustraphobic), the seat controls are placed perfectly for one's elbow to continually move the seat position, worst of all good in flat bed configuration but impossible to get comfortable positions otherwise. Not as good as the old seats on the A340 and a generation behind everyone else's seats. Getting out of 8A was terrible as the space was not enough. For the return flight we have obtained seats in the middle, which although they have all the same faults both of us can reach the aisle without a requirement to be an acrobat.

Submitted by Justin B on 2017/04/20 for Seat 11k

The worst Business Class seat I have sat in for such a long haul journey. Not only is there no window, as there is a person next to you you have to climb over them to get out. Plus your neighbour shares the same table for drinks etc. Definitely not worth the money. The A330s and A340s are far superior.

Submitted by Adrian G on 2017/04/16 for Seat 23K

very tight at the shoulders, as the plane curves. Legs also restricted a bit for the same reason. Do not book if you're over 1.7m

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/13 for Seat 12g

Horrible layout.. hardly any stowage space. Headphone socket upside down. Hosties were indifferent and service generally chaotic and unprofessional.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/11 for Seat 22F

I have written Swiss that I am going to boycott the flights with the Boeing 777 because the configuration 3/4/3 is a shame for a premium Airline. I am 1.70 / 72 kg and I didn't have enough space.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/07 for Seat 4A

If you can get it, seat 4A is definately the best Business Class seat on the plane. Not only does the feet cubby not end up in tight spot, it is fully open and the width of the seat. I could not actually touch the end, most of my 6'4" body could have fit into the hole for the legs. There is an insane amount of space.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/02 for Seat 4D

Business class seat was the most uncomfortable I ever encountered. Could not recline comfortably for the 11 + hour ZURICH-LAX .Flight attendant actually told me I had already had my bowl of nuts and could not have any more when I asked for them.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/02 for Seat A45

I was looking forward so much to my first flight on the new SWISS flagship. But the disappointment was very big. It is a huge shame for a premium carrier like SWISS to fly a 777-300ER in a 3-4-3 configuration. Due to an emergency stop-over (medical reasons) in Baku the flight was finally delayed by almost 6 hours. To sit in this cramped and hard seat for about 16 hours was a sheer horror. I would highly recommend SWISS to change their 777s to a 3-3-3 configuration. Otherwise they will lose customers to other more competitive airlines, such as Lufthansa, Thai, Singapore or Cathay. For me it was definitely the last flight on a SWISS 777-300ER.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/04/02 for Seat A45

Never again!!!

Submitted by Mousse G on 2017/03/11 for Seat 23D

Wow, what a disappointment. Just be aware that if you've chosen an aisle seat you will be bumped all throughout the flight. The aisle is just to narrow for the crew and the passangers.Just landed after a 12h flight from BKK to ZRH. I'm 185 90kg, and this layout of 3-4-3 is, to my opinion, not suitable. Additionally, the service was rushed and heavy handed.I gave SIWSS a chance on this flight as I normally fly with Lufthansa. Well, I'll be going back to Lufthansa. Their A380 Economy setup is much more comfortable. It's a shame, I'm Swiss and would prefer flying with SWISS.

Submitted by Beat K on 2017/02/28 for Seat 30D

I highly recommend you to boycotted Airlines that use the B777 with 3/4/3 configuration in the Eco. To flight in this narrow seat for 12 hours is a trip to the hell, and the use it on all long hole flight to Asia (Singapore, Bangkok, HKK..) I do not know how the management of a "premium" Airline can order a cabin configuration like this. From Zürich to Asia you have a lot of other options. To Hong Kong for example you can choose Cathay Pacific. They also operate this route with B777, but wiht 3/3/3 configuration in the Eco, and the price is mostly the same. Bye Bye Swiss. This is too much now....

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/02/23 for Seat 51G

Obstructed legroom.Seat are narrower then old 340, Cushions are an after thought After flying this leg SFO/ZRH for over a year, I was really hoping the 777 would bring some relief to overcrowded flight. However the Swiss managed to shoehorn in way too many people on this 777. Swiss missed the mark for passenger comfort

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/02/13 for Seat 22E

This was a flight from ZRH to VIE. I was glad to get off the plane after 70 minutes. Armrests are small and too low. Seat too narrow in width. This ECO-Seating is definitively sub-standard and should be avoided by all means.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/02/08 for Seat 25c

Welcome to Swiss-Air Boing 777-300 means welcome to hell for people above 1,80m. I am taller, yes and I didn´t knew, Swiss Air is selling Emergency Exit-Reservations!!! for 79,-€ per int. flight.For my flight back 13 hours, I payed. Now I have to to with pain in my knees and muscles of legs and bag. I call that unpunished criminal assault.And for 158,- € more I would have found an alternative.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/01/24 for Seat 39K

This seat should be marked in red, like 23 A-K. (1) The inflatable slide attached to the emergency exit takes away all the potentially additional legroom. On top, people will come and stand in that area, often stepping on your feet (I was awaken twice because of that). (2) There are no power plugs, only USB port attached to the screen, which is difficult to use if you keep the video stored. (3) The seat is truly uncomfortable. Although it reclines quite well, the seat is hard like a stone. The curve shape of the cabin takes away some room. I am not giant (185cm x 72kg), but I had to (try) sleep twisted so to avoid the shoulders of me neighbor and the wall of the cabin.Overall, terrible experience. 3-4-3 configuration is excessive on this aircraft. The crew was very young and inexpert (aside from wearing their uniforms rather free-style, they lacked coordination and timing, even the bread was cold like a rock). I would find no difference between low cost carriers such as Norwegian and LX. It is even more disturbing as LX Business and First class are really top, while Y class is just at the level of low cost carriers. I'd rather stick with LH or SQ.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/01/20 for Seat 23A

I had plenty of time to get my seat in advance and wasnt aware of this site. On flight out (flight 41 lax-zrh) was in seat 32A was fine. Im a pretty big guy (6'1") and found the legroom and seat comfort adequate. Little noisy but to be expected behind the engines. My flight back I wanted to stretch and have a window seat so chose 23A.. GROSSLY HUGE MISTAKE!! The seat tray as mentioned makes the seat narrower. Whats not told is the emergency door frame impinges your leg room even more by about 4". Also mentioned here no window there. Also not menrioned is the constant sub arctic cold air blowing from the doorframe freezing both your legs and feet. I fly many many miles a year and this made even me feel chlostrphobic. Bottom line, avoid these seats at all costs. These seats (23A and 23K) should be avoided at all costs and shouldnt be seats there in the first place.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/01/06 for Seat 27G

Choose a different plane/airline if you can! This plane does not have economy plus seats, so all economy seats are the same in terms of size and legroom (except exit row). This aisle seat is in the front part of the economy section, but as uncomfortable and cramp as the seats farther back. I will try hard to avoid flying with Swiss on this plane in the future. This was the worst seat on any long flight I've taken (I fly cross atlantic 5-6 times every year). The cushion was hard, legroom was terrible (I'm 5'3" woman), and aisle was so narrow no one, including flight attendants, could walk down the aisle without touching you. TERRIBLE!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2017/01/05 for Seat 30D

The seating in middle row is extremely uncomfortable. The metal brackets that hold the seats to the floor are placed out of line with the seats, and result in compromised leg space - leg space that is extremely tight to begin with - with the added problem of having only 3 spaces to stow away small luggage for 4 passengers. This occurs on every single row of middle seats (D, E, F, G). It is incomprehensible how SWISS can have such compromised seating arrangement. Clearly the airplane was not designed to seat 10 abreast.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/12/24 for Seat 50A

I choose row 50 and reserved a seat well in advance. This worked perfect. I would never ever book a 3-seat combination for us as a couple, especially not for a 3-4-3 combination as Swiss now offers. 50A is OK, 50B is slightly smaller space because row 50 is adjusted to the smaller wide of plane, however 50B has a second turndown table due to th 3-row in front. People do not bump into 50B, due to protection from row 49. Seats itself are really cramped (wide), footroom is similar to old 2-4-2 seating. However the whole flight is cramped feeling. If I cannot get row 50 either side I will use any other airline in future.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/12/19 for Seat 15K

I got shocked when I saw their new economy cabin and decided to use miles to upgrade to business class rather than to spend 13 hours in the new economy class. It took me 65 000 LH miles and a week later they confirmed I was upgraded. It was a HKG-ZRH flight, seat 15K that is a "throne" seat. What a fab experience it was! The best seats I've ever seen. Twin C seats are also good but in a throne seat you can feel like in first class. The bed was very comfy; adjustable seat/bed softness and massage options were great! Most other airlines' biz products feel like economy compared to the Swiss new planes. That of course applies if you can get a "throne" seat. Oh yes, the food was also really good but service was pretty mediocre.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/12/09 for Seat 28K

This configuration with 10 seats in Y-Class is extremely tight. Luckily my flight was only a short flight, but I felt already very uncomfortable. Even being a normal sized person it is absolutely impossible to seat normally or in any way comfortable. Sidewards you permanently touch shoulder of your neighbor and no idea how they measure legroom with 32 inch ... it feels much less. I cannot imagine sitting for a long-range flight in such a position. Even being a good friend of SWISS, I will (have to) avoid flying this aircraft. Very sad as this is in no way Swiss Quality or premium airlines style.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/12/01 for Seat 39A

Please, be aware that in the economy class there is no 220V adapter. There is only a USB port charger located on the screen of the entertainment system. So, it is not possible to charge a laptop or any other equipment requiering 220V

Submitted by Stefan E on 2016/11/30 for Seat 44J

Even though a 343 configuration in Y surprisingly comfortable. Nice size of Screen. No boxes anymore below the seats like the A343 have. Both flights were not full - nice to have an empty seat in the middle!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/30 for Seat 41H

Flew HKG-ZRH, 13 hours, fully booked economy. Was the worst flight of my life. The seats are ridiculously small in this 3-4-3 configuration with barely any room in the aisle. I'm not a big guy but even I had to walk down sideways to not slam into people. All 3 of us on my row boarded about midway through the boarding, and by that time our storage locker had been filled already with bags, and every locker in the back cabin was filled, so we had to JAM our bags under the seats in front, making it impossible to even stretch our legs out for the whole trip. Sad to see Swiss go from such a comfortable A340 configuration to this sardine-like monster that Boeing have furnished. Will be flying this route via the middle east on the more comfy carriers from now, sorry Swiss. 1/10.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/29 for Seat 11A

Horrible Leg space, very unconfrotable, probably one of the worst expierience i have made in Business Class. A shame this is their Flagship. You cant move the legs when you in bed position. Staff is unfreidnly in general with SWISS

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/20

The last BC row (17) is too close to the first EY row: 22/23; only a thin wall and curtains serve as a divider of the EY compartment. The first row in EY (22/23) is the preferred place where mothers with infants and small kids are placed. On our flight we were exposed to screaming babies for most of the 12 hour flight. The new BC seats are more cramped on the 777 compared to the A340 from SWISS. The double seats offer even less space than the single seats. Avoid the Swiss 777. The cabin crew did a good job from ZRH-LAX. On the return flight (in row 12) the cabin crew was busy with accompanying family members and friends; the rest of the passengers were hardly noticed - poor service.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/15 for Seat 24G

It's shame for Swiss have this kind of 777 configuration. Economy seats are very narrow, seems that passenger are seated one over the other!!The is not enough space for the hand luggage store, people "fight" to place their things and the flight attendants are not helping. This cause waste of time boarding the passengers!!Try to avoid to flight on this 777!!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/14 for Seat 49K

Swiss - is ONLY the name on the outside of this aircraft!seats are only about 43cm wide, meaning the passenger' shoulders and arms OVERLAP each other! Normal human seating position is IMPOSSIBLE, as upper body has to sit sideways to avoid overlapping the next passenger

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/05 for Seat 23K

Seat and seating in economy definitely not suited for long distance flights. Besides the cramped position due to proximity to the wall and the protruding door, there is very cold air coming from the door flowing over your legs. Even with blanket you will feel cold. And I even payed more for the extra legroom. This is not what people expect from a brand like Swiss!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/11/02 for Seat 2A

Another excellent flight with Swiss. Much better than their A340 first. I forgot to mention, it's closed suite now, but process sounds weird. Definitely worth 70000 LifeMiles.You actually need put privacy screen (aisle side) and door together to make your suite fully private.

Submitted by Victor L on 2016/11/01 for Seat 30A

agressive , unpleasant and disagreeable flight attendants, the food was not good .. flight from hk to zurich ( both fiscal paradises , you guess the kind of customers who traveled ! I couldnt see a smile in the plane ..

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/10/24 for Seat 51AB 51JK

Best seats in Y-class.extra legroom and seats full to recline.Only two seats in a row, no middle seats

Submitted by Désirée S on 2016/10/04 for Seat 39A

All economy seats feel extremley cramped! The armrest was broken, thus, irremovavle. I found it not a very great aircraft as it is Swiss's flagship plane. They could defintley do alot better in terms of passanger comfort.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/09/26 for Seat 43b

Horrible, narrow, no space for legs and arms! how can they build a new airplane like that?

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/09/14 for Seat 51J

This is the best seat I ever had on an airplane (and I've been on lots of them). There is plenty of leg room and the seat reclines a lot more than any other seat. I will always try to chose this seat every time I fly from USA to Europe! It makes a 12 hr flight that much more comfortable!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/09/09 for Seat isle seats dire

The only good business class seats on this aircraft are the single seats. Minimal storage areas except rows 6 and 4. One wonders why SWISS can not copy Etihad or Air NewZealand for their "new product"? Even Vietnam Airlines on their new 787/350 offer a better seat product then Swiss. A pitty as they will need to use this plane for another 15 years...

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/09/07 for Seat 15A

Outboard seats in Business are woefully cramped. There is minimal storage space. The window seat passenger cannot get past the aisle passenger without difficulty and only with great difficulty if they have reclined their seat to any extent. The lap sash seatbelt is uncomfortable. My seat controls only worked intermittently and my wife's controls ceased working completely half way through the flight. Care factor of the cabin crew was minimal to put it politely. We will never choose these seats again. The central doubles appeared to have much more space and allow ready access to the aisle.The wooden coat hangar provided is a nuisance and mine fell down into the seat control innards during the night after I inadvertently dislodged it. It took several minutes to locate it and extract it. On a positive note,the meals were delicious.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/09/02 for Seat 25K

Terrible seats in economy! Extremely narrow, very uncomfortable. From my perspective it is the worst long-haul seat I have ever seen. And the authorities should look into the security of such a terrible layout because I think there is no chance to evacuate the economy class in an emergency when it is fully booked. Just terrible!!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/08/27 for Seat 39A

Seats: 39A/B/C and 39 H/J/K don't have a window. Like 23 A/K.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/08/24 for Seat 43b

Swiss uses CHARTER seating for its long haul fleet! (Basically an A380 seating arrangement in the B777 which has much narrower fuselage. The seats so narrow, one has to sit either slightly sideways or overlap the arms to fit into the seat. also the aisles are so narrow, wonder if in an emergency REALLY can evacuate in time. This is NOT Switzerland' standard

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/08/17 for Seat 26a

First flight on Swiss' new 777 - and a short one, thank goodness. Unbelievable narrow seating (Economy). After about 30 minutes my left leg began to cramp. I imagined the horror had this been a long flight. When the row in front of you goes backward you can't read or watch the movie. I probably would have had to stand most of the time. The only comparable flight was on a Tupolew 134 several years ago, but there I could move sideways. Sorry, Swiss, never ever again.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/08/14 for Seat 12B

A short GVA TO ZRH On the new T7 on August 13 didnt give enough time for a full evaluation but suffice to say removing and storing the tray table was dangerous. Once the release button was located it opened easily but storing it for landing was really difficult. I noticed several others experiencing the same problem!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/08/10 for Seat 5D

First flight on Swiss 777-experienced business class traveler.Air con / pressurisation noise unbelievably loud. Could not conduct a conversation with passenger next to me. Cabin crew agreed - they did not know why. The noisiest aircraft I have encountered in 40+ years of flying. Swiss have a serious problem with this plane.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/17 for Seat 23A

Economy in this plane is truly awful. I am a frequent flyer with Swiss - ZRH to BKK about 8 times a year. The old A340s were really nice, but the seats in the 777 are so narrow and the aisles are so narrow it is ridiculous. Just suffered the most uncomfortable long-haul flight in a long time.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/07/11 for Seat 29H

On the first flight i was upgraded to Business as a Senator. It was very good with 180 degrees flat seat, BUT, the Economy on the way back is terrible, horrible, 100% never fly again with a 10-abrest 777-300!!! It is a torture for a human!!I flew Swiss many times before with the A340 to HKG which has one of the best Economy seat. They should use that one as a "Premium Airline"!!!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/06/30 for Seat 35H

Entertainment system in Economy class is super nice. You can start it right away and it stays always on even during take-off and landing. It is super fast responding to every touch and the choice of movies great. Congratulations SWISS.I have to say that I was a bit disappointed by the food, which has been better.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/06/29 for Seat 27F

Will not be flying Swiss anymore. Seats are new and the recline and footroom much improved BUT seats are too narrow and aisle is too narrow. And Im a medium sized female. I saw a few people actually stand on seats to get in and out ofnaislenacces aisle in order to use the restroom. It is a waste of money to pay for a seat upgrade in economy. There is no such thing existing. Also, ovehead bins are now too high for me to close without standing on the seat.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/06/29 for Seat 31K

Good luck it was just a one hour flight! I came to the conclusion this is absolute NOGO for a long-haul flight. The gap to the seat in front it is so little I suffer till now on claustrophobia…

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/06/20 for Seat 33E

beautiful new plane but awful seating configuration in coach. seat itself would be comfy, reclinings is cool with the seat cushion moving a bit forward. but ways too narrow seats. configuration 3-4-3. others have 3-3-3 on longhaul flights. eating normally is a nogo when you have a 190cms guy seating next to you.

Submitted by David B on 2016/06/19 for Seat 10A

Was flying HKG-ZRH recently and was quite disappointed with the new business seat in the 777. While the seat has some nice details (lights, boxes, storage space) and a big HD touch screen for the IFE the seat itself can't made fully flat (see photo once I manage to upload one). For a brand new business seat this is quite a disappointment, especially so in a wanna-be "premium" airline.Service was ok, neither specially attentive nor bad. Having the food served on a small tray gives a bit an economy class feeling. And why do they only provide a table cloth for dinner, but not anymore for breakfast? Strange and not consistent.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/06/14 for Seat 25E

Horrible. The plane itself is new and beautiful, but the seating is unbelievably cramped. I haven't flown this uncomfortably in well over a decade.10 seats per row, about 4 rows too many in the economy area overall. Eating "normally" was impossible, had to eat in shifts, holding the meal container up with my elbows in. Swiss! you used to be so nice! I can't fly like this anymore.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/05/20 for Seat 1D

I flew with SWISS from New York to Zurich on the 21st of April, 2016 in First Class (1D). The flight was amazing and the staff super friendly and helpful. The seat was very comfortable with a full 180 seat recline. The seat was soft and very nice. I will definitely fly with SWISS again!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/05/17 for Seat 24A

no space underneath the seat in front (23A) to put a bag. not sure if this is due to the design of the exit row seats or an issue for all window seats. overall, Y cabin appears cramped, probably due to the ten-abreast seating.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/05/16 for Seat 14A

I flew ZRH-HKG on the new 777-300ER in seat 14A. I had plenty of room and personal space to store my things. The seat was a fully flat bed. The service was OK however it did indeed take a while to be served meals and drinks after take off. The seat, once made into a bed was brilliant. I slept for 10hrs of a 12hr flight. I would highly recommend seat 14A if you are travelling solo as I was. This aircraft is a vast improvement on the A340-300 which I flew from SIN-ZRH the week before.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/04/25 for Seat 34H

The seat felt a bit narrow, however the seat cushion was very comfortable even after a few hours into this long haul flight. Entertainment system was also improved, displaying larger, high-definition screens.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/04/24 for Seat 10 B

Very disappointing business class. Seats not horizontal, too narrow, and too many seats. Service takes an eternity, and crew is correspondingly stressed. Also, design is too dark/old fashioned and adds to the bad atmosphere.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/04/10 for Seat 23K

Plenty of leg room due to the emergency exit, however no window and quite narrow as the door and the cabin wall are protruding. Room for your shoulders is thus more limited compared to the stanadard window seats, felt a bit cramped.

Submitted by Pawel J on 2016/04/09 for Seat 23k

The emergency row on 777-300er gives plenty leg room, but be aware that the 'window' seat K is narrower by the frame of exit door. Excellent for slim passengers and on shorter flights

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/04/05 for Seat 33d

There are 10 seats per row and there are lots or rows. Yes, the seats do recline further than on the Airbus 330 and the entertainment screens are bigger and all touch screen. The entertainment boxes beneath the seats are mercifully gone. BUT, overall it feels incredibly cramped and the much touted space saving seats are thin, hard and unconfortable - a bit like on a commuter train. Not a pleasant flight experience!

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/03/25 for Seat all economy

Hi, I am writing about the in-flight amenities. In general, there are no tethered handsets in economy class. Everything including reading light, etc., is controlled via touch screen.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/03/20 for Seat 23K

Return flight GVA - ZRH. Seat is near the Emergency exit. Armrests are fix and can not be folded back, due to the table insideit. Entertainment Screen on front of the armrest can be folded up. Plenty of legrooom as the emergency doors do not disturb. No usual window allowing to lean against the side-wall with your head. This seat has a ""private "" window which is in the emergency door. Could imagine taking this seat unless no babies in the basinets of the seats 23D - G. Cabin is quiter than the one of 747-8

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/02/26 for Seat 7K

As per SWISS this should be fully flat and not angled lie flat. But I got the impression it is something in between angled and fully flat. Additionally I have to comment:- 7K is a place with very limited personal space opportunities. Only one box to put in personal belongings and only for very flat things (in front of the seat under the screen)- Plugs for electronic devices in danger as you might damage it when you have to leave your seat. Good:As it is a bulkhead seat, you get more free space for your feet to sleep. From this point of views the following seats shall be colored as green: 4A and 7A. The proximity to the lavatories and galley are not really bothersome as you have a good big private area in this seats.

Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2016/02/26 for Seat 5K

Seat 5K is indeed a single-seat. But with following mixed/bad reviews:- A box is blocking you from good access to the one window. One Window is missing- You place your feet into the box of the row in front. You don't have space to turn your feet comfortably and a more then 1.85cm tall person get critical space.- The connection to charge phone (electronical and USB) on the side where you leave into the aisle. This could be a danger to damage your charger cable or the connection. - Some of the extra space is not so easy to reach and the remote control panel for the screen is hard to reach and put back.Enhancements:- The screen is touch screen and brings more feature for the Airshow- The seat is in a very quiet area of the plane and even the engines seems to be more quiet.- It is not really bothersome to be so close to the galley.


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Saving time made easy - choose a seat in our preferred zone, which is just behind Business class, and you will be one of the first passengers to disembark. Book seats in the preferred zone now. SWISS European flights. The seat in the preferred zone is already included in the Flex fare.

What are the best seats in Swiss business class? ›

As we mentioned, the best seats are throne seats on all Swiss business class flights. Notice, however, that on the A330, all throne seats are located on the left side of the cabin. In other words, there are fewer throne seats, so booking one is highly competitive.

Which seat is best for Boeing 777 300er business? ›

D and F seats if you like the aisle: the middle E seats are likely the last to be filled in Business Class, and passengers in the D and F seats are least likely to be disturbed by people climbing over them, even if the plane is full.

Can you choose seats Swiss air? ›

Depending on your route and travel class, we offer you the option to reserve a seat up to 48 hours before departure. You can choose your seat during your booking, or later using ​your profile and the seat plan. You will find further information in the ​conditions for early seat reservations.

Is preferred seating worth it? ›

Preferred seats don't receive any extra legroom, but they are in better locations of the Main Cabin that are closer to the front of the plane, allowing you to access your seat quicker when boarding and exit more quickly when getting off.

Is preferred seating more expensive? ›

Preferred seating features seats with better locations than standard United economy flights. The seats are the same, but they tend to be closer to the front of the cabin. Costs for preferred seating vary depending on the flight, but these are the cheapest paid seat upgrades you can find on United flights.

Which row in business class is best? ›

Exit rows, aisle or window seats, and anywhere close to the front are typically considered the best seats on a plane. On a short business trip, you might want an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can debark as quickly as possible on arrival.

Which business class is better Lufthansa or Swiss airlines? ›

For the A330 Swiss is better by far. For other airframes (747-800) LH is better. This applies to business only though. LH is the better of FC seating.

What is the best business class seat on a plane? ›

The 21 Best Business Class Seats for Solo Travelers
  1. Qatar Airways Qsuite. ...
  2. ANA 777-300ER “The Room” Business Class. ...
  3. British Airways New Club Suite. ...
  4. JetBlue Mint Throne Suite. ...
  5. Malaysia Airlines Business Suite. ...
  6. Korean Air Apex Suite. ...
  7. Japan Airlines Apex Suite. ...
  8. Oman Air Apex Suite.
Jan 23, 2023

What seats to avoid on Boeing 777-300ER? ›

In this category, you'll also want to skip 22DEFG, 37ABC, 37DEFG, 37JKL and the four seats in row 52. After that, any of the middle seats should absolutely be avoided (where TPG's hiding below) — that means you shouldn't select B, E, F or K seats.

Where is the best place to sit on Boeing 777? ›

Surprisingly, while booking seats people think of legs, not brain. They say in Jet 777 best is row 26, 31, 50. These 3 has maximum leg space. Row 31 is where there is facility for basinet.

What is the difference between Boeing 777 300 and 777-300ER? ›

As you might expect, a key difference between the 777-300 and the 777-300ER is their range. The standard 777-300 has a listed range (with a 368-passenger configuration and powered by General Electric GE90 engines) of 11,165 km (6,030 NM). This is impressive in itself, but the 777-300ER can go more than 22% further.

Do you need a mask to fly Swiss? ›

Switzerland has lifted all Covid-19 pandemic restrictions – there are no social distancing or mask wearing measures in place.

Can I choose my seats in economy? ›

For all fare classes, except Basic Economy, you will be able to pick your seat or change your seat assignment. If you have a Basic Economy ticket, you're able to purchase a seat assignment during booking and up until check-in opens.

Does Swiss air still require masks? ›

Face mask. A nose and mouth covering is compulsory on board all flights, and should be worn until exiting the destination airport.

Which airline has the widest seats? ›

The airlines with the widest seats among US airlines are JetBlue Airways and Silver Airways. 18 inches wide. Spirit Airlines' average economy seat has a width of 17.75 inches. Breeze, Delta, Hawaiian has a seat width of 17.6 inches.

What's the difference between preferred seating and standard ticket? ›

Purchase preferred seating for a more favorable spot in United Economy®. Preferred seating includes United Economy seats that have standard legroom but are closer to the front of the aircraft in the first few rows behind Economy Plus®.

How can I get better seats without paying extra? ›

Join the frequent-flier program.

Many airlines set aside their best coach seats for premium or elite members. If you frequently travel on the same airline, sign up for the frequent-flier program, then enter your number when you buy tickets. Once you've earned premium status, you'll have free access to better seats.

Are premium economy seats worth it? ›

Premium economy's big selling point is more space. The seats are an inch or two wider on average than the typical coach seat, and the rows are farther apart, offering several more inches of legroom. Most premium economy seats recline, and many have footrests. How much space you actually get depends on the airline.

How to get main cabin extra for free? ›

Leverage elite status. All AAdvantage elite members and Oneworld elite status members can select American Airlines Main Cabin Extra seats for free.

What is economy plus vs economy? ›

Economy Plus seats feature up to 6 inches (15 cm) of extra legroom and are located near the front of the United Economy cabin, helping to get you on your way when you reach your destination. Economy Plus seating is available on all United flights and most United Express® flights.

Can you sit in an empty business class seat? ›

So, yes, the flight attendants know which seats in business (or first) class are supposed to be empty, and if someone is found in one, they'll be asked to move... (and if you're on a US-based carrier, it might be a little stronger than just a request!)

What are the best and worst seats on a plane? ›

Seats towards the back of the plane tend to experience more turbulence than those towards the front. Those who experience motion sickness should avoid seats in the back at all costs. Additionally, those seated in the back are the last passengers to get off the plane.

Is aisle or window seat better for long flights? ›

"For overnight flights where I need to get some sleep, the window seat is the clear winner," he says. "You get something to rest your head or pillow on, and you're guaranteed fewer interruptions from other passengers. For day flights or when I want to get work done, it's the aisle seat all the way.

Is Swiss air good for international flights? ›

SWISS is a Swiss carrier. Frequent travelers give the airline an average rating of 7.8/10. This is slightly above the general average . Over the last 12 months the rating has been trending upwards.

What is the nicest airline in Europe? ›

The Best Airlines in Europe 2022
  • Swiss International Air Lines.
  • British Airways.
  • Lufthansa.
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
  • Virgin Atlantic.
  • Finnair.
  • Iberia.
  • Aegean Airlines.

Does Swiss Air have flat beds in business class? ›

Your seat can be converted to a fully flat bed at the touch of a button. A sleep kit is provided including a comfortable quilt and a full size pillow. The layout of the cabin means that the bed is straight, but does have quite a bit of narrowing in the footwell.

What are the smoothest seats on a plane? ›

The best seat on the plane to avoid turbulence is either over the wings or towards the front of the aircraft. The wings of the plane keep it balanced and smooth, whereas the tail of the aircraft can bounce up and down more.

Is it better to fly first class or business class? ›

First class is better than business class in more ways than one when it comes to luxury – including first-class seats, restaurant-level meals, and top-shelf drinks, private lounges, and flight service – you name it.

What is the best seat on a Boeing 777 300 Air France? ›

The best premium economy seats on the 4-class 777-300ER would be in row 26, as it is the furthest away from the lavatories.

Which row seat is best in flight for view? ›

If you can be a fair way forward of the wing, then that usually gives the best view outside. However, most economy class cabins start at where the wing is, so assuming you are in economy class, your best bet would be towards the back.

Why is the Boeing 777-300ER so popular? ›

Boeing 777

The Boeing 777's unique combination of superior range, outstanding fuel efficiency and passenger-preferred comfort has created long-range success for carriers around the world. And the 777-300ER now gives operators a perfect opportunity to extend that success.

Where is the noisiest place to sit on a plane? ›

Research found that the noise experienced in window seats was four decibels higher than the middle and aisle seats. Meanwhile, at the back of the aircraft, there is a lot of low frequency noise, says Kochan.

Is it better to sit in the middle or back of a plane? ›

Within the cabin itself, try to find a seat in the middle of the cabin. The main areas where passengers congregate are the toilets and snack areas, and these are generally located at the back of cabins, so if you're on the aisle and don't want to be disturbed by noisy passengers, stay away from the back.

Is it better to sit in the front or back of a flight? ›

According to experts, choosing the seat in front is always a better option. "Our centre of gravity is usually around 28 per cent, and the centre of pressure usually acts around 25 per cent of the mean aerodynamic chord (1/4 of the way down the wing).

Is Boeing 777-300ER a big plane? ›

Largest Long-range Twin-engine Jetliner

The flagship of the world's elite airlines, the 777-300ER carries 396 passengers in a standard two-class configuration up to 7,370 nautical miles (13,650 km), on routes spanning, for example, New York to Hong Kong, Singapore to London and Sydney to Los Angeles.

Is Boeing 777 comfortable? ›

Generally speaking, the Boeing 777 offers a more comfortable passenger experience. This is because it is somewhat larger than the 787 and has higher capacity, leading to more room in terms of seating comfort.

Is Boeing 777 or 787 better? ›

Both are long-range aircraft that can be deployed on many long-haul routes. The 777 variants tend to be larger than the 787 variants, and so tend to have higher seating capacities, although the stretched 787-10 has similar seating capacities to some of the 777 variants.

Do I need a negative Covid test to fly to Switzerland from us? ›

There are currently no entry restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No proof of vaccination, recovery or testing is required for entry into Switzerland.

What airline do I not have to wear a mask? ›

Airlines That DON'T Require Masks In 2023

American Airlines. United Airlines. Southwest Airlines. Spirit Airlines.

Do I still have to wear a mask on an international flight? ›

Please continue to bring a mask with you for international travel, because it may be required for some destinations based on their laws and requirements.

Where is the best place to sit on a plane in economy? ›

Exit rows, aisle or window seats, and anywhere close to the front are typically considered the best seats on a plane. On a short business trip, you might want an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can debark as quickly as possible on arrival.

How do you sit comfortable in economy class? ›

10 ways to make Economy feel like First Class
  1. Start with the airline. ...
  2. Take a good travel pillow. ...
  3. Elevate your legs. ...
  4. Move seats. ...
  5. Go DIY gourmet with duty-free treats. ...
  6. Invest in good headphones or earplugs. ...
  7. Choose your seats wisely before you board. ...
  8. Bring a good sleeping mask.
Sep 19, 2018

Is it worth paying for a seat on a plane? ›

It's often around $10-$30 per seat per flight segment, so if you cave in and pay for that, it can add up quickly. You shouldn't do it. No matter which airline you're flying on, don't ever pay to select a seat. By the way, you shouldn't pay baggage fees either, you can read our article about that.

Do you have to wear a mask in Zurich? ›

Do I need to wear a face mask in Switzerland? Wearing face masks is recommended.

Which type of masks are passengers not permitted to wear on board a Swiss flight? ›

Please note that you can only wear masks which meet the FFP2, FFP3, KN95 and N95 standards, with no valve, and that fabric or surgical masks are not allowed.

What is the difference between preferred seating and general admission? ›

The difference is that Preferred Seats are preassigned, while GA (General Admission) is first come, first serve. over a year ago. We had the preferred tickets, literally up front and centre. It was great to be within arms reach of the band and a couple of times we "connected" with the musicians.

What is the difference between main cabin and preferred seating? ›

Main Cabin Preferred: Main Cabin Preferred seats are functionally the same as regular main cabin seats. The difference lies in the seat location; Main Cabin Preferred seats are typically window and aisle seats nearer to the front of the plane, plus exit rows.

Is preferred seat the same as premium economy? ›

preferred seating is still in economy class. in some planes you may get a little bit of extra leg room but you are still seated in economy. Premium economy is a separate cabin, the seats are wider and have more recline. You also get amenity kits and better service.


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